Why Robert Rodriguez is Destined to Make Machete Kἰlls in Space?

Why Robert Rodriguez is Destined to Make Machete Kἰlls in Space?

Robert Rodriguez explores the likelihood of a Machete in Space movie in response to persistent fan demand over the years. Machete, who was portrayed by Danny Trejo, made his film debut in the Spy Kids series and later made a cameo appearance in a phony trailer for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 Grindhouse double-feature.

Rodriguez turned the fake trailer into an actual movie, Machete, which was released in 2010 and was followed by a sequel, Machete Klls, in 2013. Rodriguez did this in response to popular demand.

Why Robert Rodriguez is Destined to Make Machete Kἰlls in Space?
Why Robert Rodriguez is Destined to Make Machete Kἰlls in Space?

Another phony trailer for Machete Klls Again… In Space was included, which viewers also want to be turned into a full-length movie. In a recent interview with Deadline Hollywood, Rodriguez discussed the prospect of Machete in Space while promoting his new movie Hypnotic at the SXSW Film Festival.

Several times during his response, the director seemed open to the possibility of making Machete in Space to satisfy audience demand, saying “we have to do it” and “we have to give it to them.” Read Rodriguez’s full response below:

That’s why I put a fake trailer for that on Machete 2 to kind of satisfy [fans], this is pretty much what it would look like, but you can see it in two minutes rather than two hours. And it never satisfies them, so we have to do it. But you know, the original was just a fake trailer on Grindhouse… [Fans] would bug us for years…”

“When’s that movie coming out?” I said, “It was a fake trailer.” “No, but it looked real! When is it coming out?” So we got to make it for them. It wasn’t meant to be a film, the audience just wanted it. So we have to give it to them. When someone wants something that bad, we never had that with any movie before. Now everyone’s still “Machete in Space!” You can’t give ’em enough.

Why Robert Rodriguez is Destined to Make Machete Kἰlls in Space?

Although Rodriguez claims he included the false Machete Kἰlls trailer in Space to appease audience demand, he now acknowledges that demand has not been reached and appears open to turning it into a full-length movie. Making such a ridiculous endeavor a reality, though, could encounter some challenges.

The first would be Rodriguez’s hectic schedule, as the director is presently promoting Hypnotic, which stars Ben Affleck, and has We Can Be Heroes 2 in development in addition to Spy Kids: Armageddon, which is in post-production.

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Sadly, Rodriguez may have problems finding funding for the absurd project if he does set aside time to make Machete in Space. The most recent movie, Machete Kἰlls, was a box office and critical failure that didn’t make back its production costs.

If Rodriguez is sincere about meeting fan demand, Machete in Space may follow the improbable path of the first Machete movie, which went from a phony teaser to a finished feature picture. You can also follow us on our official account on Twitter to stay in touch with us.

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