Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date

Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date: Everything We Know So Far About This !

Xbox players won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on Ghostwire: Tokyo, which has been a PlayStation 4 exclusive for the past calendar year. We wanted to give you a heads up on the release date, release times, download size, and more for the popular Tango Gameworks title Ghostwire: Tokyo when it debuts on Xbox Game Pass next Wednesday.

All the information you need to know about the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox is provided here.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox Release Date

The 12th of April is the day that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released for Xbox. You will be able to play games on Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, as well as on your personal computer and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Take into consideration that there is currently no native Xbox One version of this game.

The trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo has been posted on the official Xbox channel-

Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox Release Times

On April 12 at 1 am British Summer Time (BST), Ghostwire: Tokyo will be available for purchase on Xbox. In the figure that follows, you’ll see the remaining times broken down by a number of different regions-
Tokyo Release Date
Tokyo Release Date

Preload Times for Ghostwire in Tokyo on Xbox

If you are a subscriber to the Xbox Game Pass service, you may now preload Ghostwire: Tokyo on the Xbox. Launch the Xbox Game Pass software, search for the title you want, and after finding it, choose the “Pre-Install” option.

Downloadable Size of Ghostwire: Tokyo for Xbox

Upon launch, the Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox download size is approximately 26 gigabytes (GB). If you play using a PC Game Pass, the required space is around 22 gigabytes less.

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