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Marvel Snap: Top Attuma Decks

Players can use this guide to design the most successful Attuma decks for Marvel Snap, catering to either the Destruction or Continuing themes.

Attuma is an uncommon card with a cost of four and a power pool of ten that has three power. It is best employed in Ongoing and Destroy decks. Sadly, because Attuma’s passive function leads it to destroy itself in the case that another card is placed in its slot, it is relatively difficult to design decks that revolve around it.

Having heroes who can prevent destruction, like Armor, is the only method to prevent the card from self-destructing. If that sounds too difficult, this guide will help you construct a powerful Attuma deck for Marvel Snap.

The Best Attuma Deck in Marvel Snap

While fielding Attuma in Marvel Snap, a cheap Destruction deck is your best bet. Players will need Attuma and Destroyers as Power cards and Armor, Cosmo, and Professor X to manage their abilities so they can put up this structure. When combined with Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Storm, these characters can control the opponent’s hand and set up wins for Nova, Killmonger, and Jessica Jones.

Card Cost Power
Attuma 4 10
Destroyer 6 15
Professor X 5 3
Armor 2 3
Cosmo 3 3
Jessica Jones 4 4
Daredevil 2 2
Storm 3 2
Killmonger 3 3
Nova 1 1
Green Goblin 3 -3
Hobgoblin 5 -8

The objective of an Attuma deck is to remove his passive ability and then deploy him on a winning location. For instance, if he equips Armor, he won’t destroy himself, which is worth 10 Power. Destroyer, however, follows the same reasoning in the current lineup. He would eliminate other friendly cards with his On Reveal, but Cosmo and Professor X defuse it, allowing him to instead add 15 Power to a lane.

Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap

Joker cards in this deck feature the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin. They switch lanes to the enemy’s, where they take damage from friendly destruction while taking less themselves. Meanwhile, Nova, Killmonger, and Jessica Jane strengthen their teammates and clear out crowds.

Each card in the Attuma deck has the following effects:

  • Attuma: Destroys itself when exposed to other friendly cards.
  • Destroyer: Abolishes all unprotected friendly cards on reveal.
  • Daredevil: Reveals the opponent’s round-5 play.
  • Armor: Protects all cards at his location.
  • Green Goblin: Flies to the opponent’s location.
  • Hobgoblin: Flies to the opponent’s location.
  • Storm: Locks down the lane.
  • Professor X: Locks down the lane.
  • Cosmo: Prevents On Reveal abilities.
  • Killmonger: Destroys all 1-Cost cards on the board.
  • Jessica Jones: Gains 4 Power when she’s alone in a lane.
  • Nova: Gives 1 Power to friendly cards after destruction.

The Top Permanent Attuma Deck in Marvel Snap

Attuma also works well with a continuous time frame. Players can strengthen their Attuma Ongoing decks by including Ant-Man, Iron Man, Electro, and Warpath. Destroyer, Cosmo, Armor, Daredevil, Colossus, Spectrum, and Professor X will round out the deck.

The deck’s main objective is to control two zones with Armor, Cosmo, and Professor X and then win those zones with Attuma and Destroyer. Cards like Spectrum and Warpath come into play to assist you to control the open lane.

The Top Playing Cards for an Attuma Hand

Attuma decks benefit from having protectors like Armor, Colossus, Cosmo, and Professor X. He also has a potent synergy with heroes who use ongoing equipment, like Ant-Man and Iron Man. Attuma’s best combo, though, is Destroyer. You may now download Marvel Snap for your computer or mobile device.

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