Lululemon Belt Backpack

I Wore This Viral Lululemon Belt Backpack Throughout Italy for 10 Days

It’s roomy enough for me to carry my passport, wallet, sunglasses, and more. Before leaving on my most recent trip, a 10-day adventure across Italy, I made sure to pick up a Lululemon Anywhere Belt Bag. The day before my journey, I called the store near my flat to ask whether they still had the popular bag I’m sure you’ve seen all over the Internet. To my delight, I was told the nine exhilarating words: “We just got them back in stock — but hurry.”

Having successfully navigated an unexpected layover in a Norwegian airport and the streets of Rome with my new belt bag, I am now convinced that I will never again take a trip without one. The $38 pack is presently available in 12 beautiful hues on the Lululemon website, including new tints like the spring-ready Mint Moment, so you won’t have to go on a fruitless hunt for them as I did.

 Lululemon Belt Backpack
Lululemon Belt Backpack

This multipurpose backpack has everything a modern traveler may want or need: It’s flexible to fit across my body when I’m just wearing a tank top or when I’m bundled up in a winter coat, and at 7.5 inches by 2 inches by 5 inches, it’s large enough to hold my sunglasses, wallet, passport, keys, and phone. Mesh pouches on either side of the main compartment are where I keep my keys and lip balm, and the narrow compartment on the pouch’s rear is where I keep my passport.

This pack is constructed out of water-resistant nylon, so you can take it with you on your next rainy or sweaty journey, and the adjustable straps are designed with a tiny length of elastic to eliminate the bulky end of the loop. I wear it as a fanny pack when I go for runs outside, but you can also sling it over your shoulder for quick access to your belongings as you race through the airport.

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When I travel with too much stuff in my hands, I become stressed out, but this bag has shown me the benefits of traveling light. My passport was always within easy reach, which sped up the security checkpoint and boarding process, and I appreciated not having to be on constant alert when strolling through Florence and Rome for fear of having my bag stolen.

It’s not only me who loves this multipurpose fanny pack for vacationing; other Lululemon customers are also raving about it. As one customer put it, “the bag is now vital,” since they “travel a lot” and find it to be “the perfect size with easy sections to remain neatly organized without the heavy bulk of a traditional purse.”

As one customer put it-

“If you have to get your phone out or your wallet, [they’re] right there instead of going through your bag to find anything you need,” making this backpack “great if you’re traveling or simply running errands.”

Lululemon Belt Backpack
Lululemon Belt Backpack

It’s not often that a product lives up to the acclaim it’s received, but the Lululemon Anywhere Belt Bag is one of the rare exceptions. It’s one of my most-used bags because it’s spacious enough to carry more than I need (I like to overpack) while still looking and feeling great.

The popular belt bag is currently in stock in 12 chic neutral colors at Lululemon for as low as $38. Don’t procrastinate; it always sells out fast.

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