Loot $1 Million of Coveted Pokemon Cards

Thieves Score Big: Loot $1 Million of Coveted Pokemon Cards and Memorabilia!

A hobby shop in California is seeking three crooks who made off with $1 million worth of Pokemon cards and other memorabilia. It has been alleged that a bunch of criminals made off with $1 million worth of Pokemon cards and other valuables from a hobby shop in California. The shop’s security footage was uploaded to the internet in an effort to identify and apprehend the thieves.

Loot $1 Million of Coveted Pokemon Cards
Loot $1 Million of Coveted Pokemon Cards

In the hands of those who can hold on to rare and costly cards worth thousands of dollars, Pokemon card collecting may be a lucrative hobby and business. Some people are fortunate enough to stumble into their old card collections, full of classic and rare Pokemon cards, while others resort to violence.

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Please click here to view some video clips. A sports memorabilia business in Tujunga, California, had more than one million dollars worth of items stolen from it.

Three males rammed their truck through the security gate of Kaptain Fish Collectibles in Burbank, California, destroying $1 million worth of treasures. In less than seven minutes, they emptied the shelves and cupboards of the precious stuff. Comics, loose boxes, cards (including Pokemon and NBA cards), and a pair of Kobe Bryant autographed sneakers were stolen, according to the store’s co-owner Sevag Mazakian, who spoke to CBS.

He also mentioned that Kaptain Fish Collectibles was the third local business to be broken into in as many months. The last two thefts reportedly occurred roughly 15 miles from Burbank, though it is still unclear whether the same trio was involved for all three.

Thankfully, the security tape captured a clear image of one of the three thieves, who may now be apprehended. In the wake of what occurred at Kaptain Fish Collectibles, many people voiced their condolences and fears that now no Pokemon card or other collection is secure. One YouTuber expressed optimism that the business may recover from the theft.

The theft of Pokemon cards is a common problem, and this is just one example. In September, a thief was apprehended after attempting to resell $20,000 worth of stolen Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering cards to the robbed business. Meanwhile, armed robberies, police chases, and even shootings have all been linked to Pokemon cards.

Depending on how uncommon they are, trading cards from a popular set might fetch astronomical prices. Rare cards from other trading card games (TCGs) can cost as much as $800,000 or more, just like Pokemon TCGs. True collectors would sacrifice their left arm for this, but it’s logical that proprietors of hobby shops would be horrified if their businesses were threatened in order to steal collectors’ items.

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