Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Lightfall Updates After Fan Backlash

Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Lightfall Updates After Fan Backlash

After hearing some criticism from the Destiny 2 community, Bungie explains what will be different and better in the next Lightfall update. After hearing from online players about Lightfall’s difficulty and other areas that need adjusting, Bungie has decided to make improvements to the update.

Released in February 2023, Lightfall is the penultimate chapter of Destiny 2’s light and dark story. With this update, Bungie hopes to bring the game closer to its original vision while keeping the game’s hard components available to both new and experienced players.

Online players voiced their displeasure with the update shortly after Lightfall’s launch, for a number of reasons. According to Bungie’s public announcements about the planned modifications, fans have voiced concerns about a number of aspects, including the commendation system, the difficulty, and the new events and enemy patrols.
Destiny 2’s Game Director Joe Blackburn has also commented on the planned modifications to Lightfall, which were announced on Bungie’s official website. Despite moving forward with content for subsequent seasons.

Blackburn said-
“We’ve taken a broad look at user input across the game since launch and have been working to resolve several areas in the coming weeks.”

The rest of the essay goes into greater detail on the impending improvements for Lightfall and subsequent upgrades. Some of the modifications to Destiny 2 will be more noticeable than others after they are implemented.

Lightfall’s ranking system is getting some major updates that will make it easier for players to quickly regain their standing from earlier seasons. In addition, commendation counts will be refreshed so that players can boast about their mastery of the most recent content update. As a result of player feedback, adjustments will be made to the game’s difficulty, namely to the health and damage modifiers for enemies and their spawn rates.

Bungie wants to reduce the frequency with which enemies spawn in specific situations, such as Heist Battlegrounds and boss encounters. Bungie is also planning to reduce the number of elite foes found in Neomuna’s patrols. Bungie intended for the patrols in this area to be harder for players of Destiny 2, and the alterations in question are an attempt to strike a balance between the game’s challenge and fairness.

Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Lightfall Updates After Fan Backlash
Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Lightfall Updates After Fan Backlash

The changes made to Lightfall are the most recent illustration of how seriously Bungie takes its audience’s feedback. Lightfall has been out for a little over a month, but thanks to data and player input, Bungie has already made adjustments to bring the update closer to the studio’s vision for the final seasons of Destiny 2.

According to Gamerant Bungie is clearly making an effort to keep players interested in and enjoying Destiny 2 up until the very end, as evidenced by recent adjustments to the game’s difficulty, ranking system, Journey Screen display, and more.

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