Elon Musk Interview - Tucker Carlson Laughs at Layoffs

Elon Musk Interview – Tucker Carlson Laughs at Layoffs

Tucker Carlson smiled as he listened to Elon Musk talk about how, after taking over Twitter, he fired 80% of the people who worked there.

Mr Musk said in an interview with the Fox News host (as reported by INDEPENDENT) –

“Turns out you don’t need all that many people to run Twitter.”

“If you’re not trying to run e kind of glorified activist organisation, and you’re not caring that much about censorship, you can really let go of a lot of people it turns out.”

In an interview that ran this week on the network, Carlson called the layoffs “one of the great business stories of the year,” and he told a story about having dinner with an executive who praised Mr. Musk for “firing the staff stuff.”

Do you know that Musk replaced Twitter’s Blue Bird with the “Doge” meme? The “doge” meme was first encountered by users of Twitter’s online platform in 2013:

During the conversation, Mr. Musk said that the thousands of workers who were fired or quit were part of a Twitter organization that was “absurdly over-staffed,” and he said that running the company was as easy as sending a “group text.”

Many Twitter employees were fired with little notice, putting some of the company’s workers with work visas in a tough spot. Melissa Ingle, 48, a data scientist, told The Independent in December

“It was like this tidal wave coming across the United States, advancing towards you, and you had no idea if you were going to be dr0wned or if you were standing on high enough ground to escape this.”

During Mr. Musk’s interview with Fox News, there were a few other things that stood out. In one part of the post, the Twitter user said that abortion and birth control were causing the “collapse” of civilization because of how they were said to affect the number of people.

In another comment, Mr. Musk said he was one of the people most likely to find proof of alien life, but hadn’t seen any yet. He said –

“I would immediately tweet it out.”

“That would probably be the top tweet of all time, found one guys.”

The high-profile interview with the tech mogul happened at a time when Fox News was getting a lot of attention for other things, especially the $787 million deal it reached with Dominion Voting Systems to end a defamation lawsuit over its inaccurate 2020 election coverage.

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