The Loss Of AKA Was A Great Sorrow

The Loss Of AKA Was A Great Sorrow

Yesterday, at the Sandton Convention Centre and around the world, the mourning family, friends, and fans of Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA, came together to express their sorrow. Last week on Friday, Forbes was gunned killed as he was leaving a Durban restaurant on his way to perform at a local club. It was one of the most audacious attacks ever.

An already tragic conduct in an increasingly catastrophic country. Following the sad news of Forbes’s death, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi formally requested a state funeral for the dead rapper.

The anarchy in this country, gun ownership, and the plight of black males have received countless column centimetres and hours of airtime this week. They’re not hollow clichés, but neither are they exciting.

The real problem at hand is much more severe.

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Anele Tembe, Forbes’s fiancée of two years, died after falling from a hotel balcony in Cape Town. In a letter to the National Prosecuting Authority, Forbes’s anguished parents revealed details about her death just hours before her memorial service yesterday.

The letter’s contents portray a dismal picture, and they hint at the possibility of a disastrous miscarriage of justice. They point the finger squarely at Forbes and provide a plausible explanation for his murder.

This letter needs to be read aloud. If their claims are valid, then one must wonder why the NPA has never pursued criminal charges in this high-profile case.

At this point, the similarities to the assassination of Senzo Meyiwa cannot be explained away by police incompetence and end to something more nefarious.

Everyone must face the consequences for breaking the law to ensure its integrity. Whoever murdered Forbes must be identified. Furthermore, crucial is learning whether or not Tembe perished.

They must be found, and their murderers must face justice.

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