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Star Citizen Has Had A Week To Forget About This Last Weekend

After being promised for more than a decade, the game is now unplayable due to a recent patch. Star Citizen, a computer game revealed back when Gangnam Style was number one, has been wrongfully labeled as vapourware by some.

Those who haven’t played it call it that, but anyone who has can tell you that it’s only the bones of a game that could be so much more if it were finished. Because this is a narrative about the people who paid for the incomplete game back when LeBron James was still playing basketball in Miami, you need to know that.

After the release of Alpha 3.18 last week, users who regularly logged in to the game’s unfinished areas to fly about or stroll around found that they could no longer access the game. The update, which included so many new features that a trailer had to be prepared, was first made available to players last week, and its trailer had such a positive impact that many players attempted to log in and try it out. Just too many of them.

 Must check this clip that is added by “Star Citizen” on their official account- Star Citizen Alpha 3.18  Lasting Legacies

Roberts Space Industries, the game’s creators, rapidly realized that the game couldn’t handle that many simultaneous login attempts, and thus the whole thing crashed and burned. It was announced on March 11 that “due to the high volume of traffic associated with the introduction of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.0 the RSI Launcher can become non-responsive,” with the team trying to fix the issue as soon as feasible.

Many players were still shut out two days later. Those who did manage to log in reported numerous game-breaking flaws, prompting RSI to apologize for the “very tough start” and promise that “our team is all hands on deck” to fix the issues as soon as possible.

A legitimate website known as Star Citizen has just shared information on Twitter regarding the same topic. We are aware that many of you are having trouble connecting to Alpha 3.18. These concerns have been brought to our attention-

Star Citizen’s official status page indicates that various features, including the persistent universe, are still experiencing a “partial outage,” as of this writing.

Fans are justifiably frustrated, pointing out things like the fact that this game has been in production since FIFA 13 hit shelves, but I believe that is a pessimistic outlook. A glitch-filled experience would be a letdown for them. Broken games prove to the rest of the world that there actually are games to be broken!

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