Spanish Fork Murder

Spanish Fork Murder: After Finding His Parents Dead In Their Spanish Fork Home, The Son Was Brought Into Custody.

Police say they have arrested a guy they believe to be involved in a double homicide that occurred in Spanish Fork. Lt. Cory Slaymaker of the Spanish Fork Police said on Tuesday that 26-year-old Tryston Robert Erickson was arrested after a chase near Kremmling, Colorado.

Erickson’s mother, 50, and her husband, 58, were discovered dead in their Spanish Fork home near 1400 South 2250 East.

Daniel Woodruff, a verified user, has just posted information on Twitter about the same event –

Slaymaker told KUTV 2News that on Tuesday, police were contacted for a welfare check after a coworker complained that the guy had missed two days of work.

Around 1:45 p.m., Slaymaker said, police arrived at the residence and entered through an unlocked window. The couple’s bodies were discovered inside.

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Police said that Tryston Erickson was not home and that he had taken a vehicle from the residence. They tracked down his mother’s phone in Colorado, informed authorities of the situation, and gave a detailed description of the car involved. According to the Spanish Fork Police Department, Colorado Police tracked down and apprehended the fugitive Erickson.

Police said in a news release Tuesday evening –

“After the pursuit, police were able to make contact with the driver, who identified himself as Tryston Robert Erickson and was taken into custody.”

“He is currently being held on local charges in the Grand County Colorado jail.”

Meanwhile, detectives arrived at Spanish Fork on Tuesday night to begin analyzing evidence and expected to stay there for several hours.

Leslie Bingham, who lives across the street from the couple, said –

“My heart hurts so much for them because the neighborhood loves them.”

According to Bingham (aforementioned), the male victim was “very helpful, extremely pleasant,” He frequently stopped by to ask if they needed any assistance with yard work. She also mentioned that Tryston Erickson had visited her home recently to borrow an item.

“Scary that it happened,” Bingham said of the double homicide, “and we had no clue.”As of late Tuesday, police said they still did not know what led to the couple’s deaths or if there had been any previous interactions between officers and the home residents.

Slaymaker said –

“The only thing I know is that this son has had some mental health issues.”

“As far as what those issues were, I’m not exact.”

Slaymaker said Spanish Fork Police detectives were going to Colorado to interview Tryston Erickson and “gather more information about what took place in the home.” The identities of the victims have not yet been released.

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