Reagan Simmons Hancock Autopsy

Reagan Simmons Hancock Autopsy – Details Shocking Vἰolence of Mυrder

Note: Please be advised that this news article contains details of a vἰolent crἰme. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

The autopsy of Reagan Simmons Hancock, a 21-year-old Texan who was mυrdered in 2020, disclosed the brυtality of her mυrder. The body of Hancock was discovered in her residence on October 9, 2020, with multiple stb woυnds to her chest and abdomen. Also mυrdered was her expectant child, Braxlynn Sage Hancock.

Dr. Melinda Flores, the Dallas County Medical Examiner who conducted the autopsy, reportedly provided a gruesome account of Hancock’s njuries, which included “well over 100” stb woυnds, including at least 39 on her skull.

Her skull was reportedly fractured in five different locations, and she was likely struck multiple times with a blunt and clawed hammer end. It is also believed that a large jar containing pink and blue sand from Hancock’s marriage was used as a weapon.

Reagan Simmons Hancock
Reagan Simmons Hancock

Do you know that the autopsy report for King Von, a Chicago rapper who was shΘt and klled in November of 2020, has been released? According to the autopsy report, Von ded from numerous gunshΘt woυnds to the thorax and torso. He was pronounced ded at the scene:

Reagan Simmons Hancock and her infant had been the victims of a volent and brυtal homcide, as evidenced by the autopsy results. Taylor Rene Parker, who was ultimately convicted of capital mυrder and sentenced to execυtion for the mυrders of Reagan Simmons Hancock and Braxlynn Sage Hancock, was provided with crucial evidence by the autopsy results.

The Texarkana Gazette reported that jurors returned with the sentence for Taylor Parker, 29, after deliberating for just over an hour. Simmons-Hancock’s mother referred to Parker in a statement to the court as an “evil piece of flesh demon.”

Simmons-Hancock’s husband, Homer Hancock, testified that he and Parker were “somewhat friends,” and that Parker photographed their engagement and wedding. During her closing arguments, prosecutor Kelley Crisp showed the jury a photograph of Simmons-Hancock lying on the floor covered in bl00d.

She informed the jury that Parker should receive the death penalty because she is a threat. Simmons-Hancock was allegedly beaten and “slshed” hundreds of times, in addition to having her child removed from her womb.

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