Nike Ja 1 “Hunger” Release date

Nike Ja 1 “Hunger” Release Date Is Official Now!

There have already been some fantastic signature sneaker drops this year, like the Nike Ja 1. Even though Ja Morant has had some problems outside of the court, he played very well this season. Overall, the Nike Ja 1 helped a lot with that.

Nike is still on Ja’s side, which makes fans happy. So far, Memphis’s first signature shoe has come in some great colors. The stories have been amazing, and Nike has no plans to stop telling them.

Fans can look forward to a lot of great Ja Morant sneakers coming out during the summer. Since the Nike Ja 1 is becoming more popular, fans will want as many choices as they can get. Overall, the best way to get people excited is to make a lot of new things.

Some might say that this is too much, but that would be wrong. This is an approach that works for the Air Jordan 1 and some of Nike’s other classic silhouettes. So, Ja Morant’s first shoe could definitely work with it.

Nike Ja 1 “Hunger”

Nike Ja 1 “Hunger”
Nike Ja 1 “Hunger”

This “Hunger” version of the Nike Ja 1 is the most recent one to be shown off. You can see right away that the shoe doesn’t go with the other one. First of all, the top of the left shoe is mostly red mesh, while the bottom is blue.

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Second, the right shoe has a blue mesh top and red on the bottom of the shoe. Last but not least, the insole is black with orange spots all over it. Even the Nike swoosh is black, just to be sure.

You’ll be able to get a pair of these starting Thursday, May 25. Also, this shoe costs $110 USD, which is actually a very reasonable price. This summer, if you want to show off on the court, these might be the moves for you. Leave your thoughts on these sneakers in the space provided below.

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