Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded Update

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded Update Rebalances Weapons, Patch Notes Exposed

In a move that had been teased by Activision and Infinity Ward for the past week or two, this week saw the release of the Season 2 Reloaded update for both Calls of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone.

There have been recent rumors of a new map, more game types, and other enhancements; however, like with any significant update, the update also included a new set of weapon rebalances. All the changes to guns, attachments, equipment, and more were outlined in a set of patch notes released alongside the weapon balancing adjustments.

Although such changes do not constitute the vast majority of Season 2 Reloaded, they warrant a significant portion of the patch notes. The patch notes for the updated weapon balance are provided below.


New Weapon

Tempus Torrent: Marksman Rifle

  • The Tempus Armament DMR is a powerful weapon that combines the adaptability of the M4 Platform with the speed and damage of 7.62mm ammunition. Accurate shootings and swift deaths are the rewards of a steady hand and sharp sight.
  • These bundles and the Weapon Challenge themselves are both ways to get your hands on these weapons.

Assault Rifles

STB 556

Took into account Armor and increased the base minimum damage (limits bullets to kill at the furthest range)

Light Machine Guns


  • Decreased damage at long range
  • Modest boost to harm dealt in close quarters
  • Headshots now deal less damage
  • Lower upper-body injuries
  • Heightened recoil
  • Reduced walking speed
  • Reduced muzzle velocity
Sakin MG38
  • Reduced damage range

Marksman Rifles

  • Increased time period to trigger double kills for challenges
Submachine Guns
  • Increased mid-damage ranges
  • Increased sprint to fire time
  • Increased damage ranges
PDSW 528
  • Slightly offset weapon while ADS uses iron sights to improve visibility
Vel 46
  • Increased close damage ranges
  • Fixed attributes on 30 round magazine to improve handling and mobility
Lachmann Sub
  • Reduced movement speed
  • Reduced aim down sight speed
  • Improved recoil control
  • LM Nebula Barrel
  • Improved damage range
  • Improved recoil control


KV Broadside

  • Reduced lower torso damage
  • 12 Gauge Ammo
  • Reduced damage ranges
  • Reduced close-range damage
  • Dragon’s Breath Ammo
  • Reduced damage ranges
  • Reduced close-range damage
  • Global reduction to 12 gauge Dragon’s Breath maximum residual damage

Bryson 800 and Bryson 890

  • Increased headshot damage on all slug-type ammo
  • Added minimum damage against armor


  • Reduced recenter speed for Flinch
  • Minor increase to Flinch on ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns


Hollow Point Rounds
  • Removed bullet velocity penalty

Frangible Rounds

  • Changed healing delay timer to set from last bullet’s impact (lengthens the overall delay on a Player)
  • Removed damage range penalty

Overpressure Rounds

  • Removed recoil penalty
  • Increased flinch imparted on Players

12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath

  • Reduced residual damage while burning

12 Gauge Slugs and HE Slugs

  • Added minimum damage against armor

Underbarrel Launchers

  • Removed movement penalty from Grenade Launchers
  • Added recoil control bonus to Underbarrel Grenade and Shotgun Launchers
  • Added one extra ammunition stock to Grenade Launchers


  • Reduced flinch received on no stock modifications

Bipod Grips

  • Reduced ADS penalty for the Bipod V9 grip
  • CORE BP2 Bipod Grip:
  • Fixed bug in stat reporting
  • Added hip recoil control
  • Reduced hip walking speed
  • Removed ADS penalty
  • Added grip to compatible LMGs and Marksman Rifles

Underbarrel Grips

  • Reduced ADS penalty on all under-barrel grips
  • Reduced movement speed penalty for all vertical grips

Muzzle Attachments

  • Greatly reduced ADS penalty
  • Added hip movement speed buff

Flash Hiders

  • Reduced ADS penalty
  • Reduced ADS penalty on holo optics
  • Removed movement penalties on holo optics
  • Reduced ADSand movement penalties from all thermal, hybrid, and variable zoom optics
  • Reduced ADS penalty on shotgun scopes

Comb Attachments

Fixed Handling stat UI on:
  • Shlager TTF3 Riser
  • FSS Ammo Sleeve
  • PD-A40 Sleeve
  • Wingman Comb
  • FSS EL-T Pouch
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where equipping some attachments to the KV Broadside shotgun would cause Players to not be able to Infil into DMZ
  • Fixed Heartbreaker Crossbow Blueprint’s reticle appearance in Killcams
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Crossbow bolts from penetrating water


Frag Grenade
  • Damage against armor increased

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