Mahsa Amini Death

Mahsa Amini Death: Was She Harmed In Any Physical Way?

The head of the police force in Tehran described the death of a lady who was being held in custody as an “unfortunate episode” that he does not want to happen again.
Last week, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini went into a coma shortly after being detained by morality police for allegedly violating rules about the hijab.
She was allegedly beaten by officers, but Police Brigadier General Hossein Rahimi disputed such “cowardly accusations.” Witnesses made the allegations.
Her passing provoked demonstrations in the nation’s capital as well as in western Iran, where two people are said to have been murdered on Monday during skirmishes with riot police.
Videos that were shared on social media websites purported to show a crowd in the town of Divandarreh throwing stones and then fleeing after coming under fire from security forces.
Another film showed demonstrations in the nation’s capital when women took off their headscarves and chanted, “death to the dictator.” This is a phrase that is frequently chanted in regard to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Everything you need to know about Mahsa Amini Death.

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Ms Amini, a member of the Kurdish ethnic group who was originally from the city of Saqez, located in the western part of Kurdistan province, passed away in the hospital on Friday after being in a coma for the previous three days.
On Tuesday, members of the Tehran morality police detained her as she walked outside of a metro station. They accused her of breaking the legislation, which required women to cover their hair with a headscarf and their arms and legs with loose clothing. They also accused her of breaking the law by not covering her arms and legs.
She was allegedly assaulted by law enforcement officers while being transported in a police van to a detention facility, as stated by witnesses.
The accusation was refuted by the police, who stated that she experienced a “sudden heart failure” as she was waiting at the facility with other women to be “educated.”
They distributed CCTV footage that showed a lady who they described as Ms Amini chatting with a female official, who grabbed her garments at one point during the conversation. The next thing that is seen is her falling to the ground while still holding her head in her hands.
On Saturday, the minister of the interior stated that it “appears” that Ms Amini “had past physical problems.”
On the other hand, her father stated on Sunday to reform-oriented news channels that she was “fit and had no health problems.” Additionally, he stated that his daughter had sustained bruising to her legs and that the CCTV film showed an “edited version” of the events that took place.
On Monday, Brigadier General Rahimi offered his condolences to Ms Amini’s family while reiterating that she was not physically harmed in any way.

Mahsa Amini Death-
According to the statements he made to the press, “the evidence demonstrates that there was no negligence or inappropriate behaviour on the side of the police.”
Following the death, substantial criticism was directed toward the conduct of the morality police, who had just recently begun a crackdown on “improper apparel.”
After her funeral on Saturday, unrest broke out in the city of Saqez, with reports indicating that security personnel opened fire on a mob that was marching towards the office of the local governor.
In Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan, there were also skirmishes between protestors and riot police on both Saturday and Sunday.
Hengaw, a Kurdish human rights organisation, issued a statement on Sunday stating that at least 38 persons were injured across the two cities.
As a result of the violence that took place on Monday in Divandarreh, which is situated between Saqez and Sanandaj, Hengaw reported that two demonstrators had been killed. In addition, it was reported that a young girl of ten years old had been shot in the head in the city of Bukan, which is located in the province of West Azerbaijan.

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