Chicago Woman Kandace Schipper Missing in Japan

Kandace Schipper from Chicago Missing in Japan – Where Was She Seen Last?

Chicago native Kandace Schipper, age 29, has been missing in Japan since June 4 of that year. When Schipper disappeared, she was traveling with a 27-year-old male named Luis Torres. Since May 8, 2023, the two had been journeying together in Japan.

Schipper’s brother-in-law Adam Willea stated that the woman, who has been quite active on social media since arriving in Tokyo, was last seen on June 4, 2023, in a post. Willea reported that Kandace Schipper was last heard from in Shibuya, Japan after a credit card transaction alerted her family shortly after she ceased publishing on social media. He said –

“Every single day she had been communicating with family and friends. I mean text, phone calls, pictures, updates, Instagram posts. And then it all abruptly ended on June 4th.”

The Chicago Police Department reportedly received a missing persons report from concerned family members earlier this month. The family of Kandace Schipper, who has not been seen in Japan since June 4, 2023, is desperately searching for answers in their search for her.

Family members who lodged a missing person’s report with the Chicago Police Department were informed that the U.S. Embassy and Japanese authorities have been contacted to assist in the search for Schipper. However, it has been reported that search efforts have been hampered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.


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Willea stated that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police refused to submit a report and begin investigating the case due to a minor technicality until Kandace Schipper missed her flight from Japan to the United States.

Willea disclosed that Schipper’s family’s incapacity to locate the Chicago woman who vanished in Japan has rendered them helpless. Since they are in the United States, they are unable to obtain any information regarding her whereabouts, as Tokyo authorities refuse to open an official investigation into her disappearance.

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