Doctor Who - Jonathan Groff Could Play a Recurring Character

“Doctor Who” Fans Speculated That Jonathan Groff Could Play a Recurring Character

The news that Jonathan Groff will be in future episodes of Doctor Who was enough to get people excited about the show’s return this fall, but the latest rumor might convince many fans who haven’t watched the show in a while to sign up for Disney+ and watch the new season.

Some fans think that Groff will play the new Captain Jack in the Whoniverse, and returning director Russell T. Davies isn’t doing much to stop the rumors.

What seemed to start as an observation that Jonathan Groff had the same basic hair and eyes as John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness has turned into an idea that Groff is coming to Doctor Who to play a younger version of the time agent who used to be called “The Face of Boe.”

At first, it just seemed like a dream from a fan that wasn’t based on any facts. Then someone wrote that Russell T. Davies liked their comment asking if Groff was the new Captain Jack and all of a sudden, it’s a thing –

When Doctor Who announced that Jonathan Groff would be joining the show, they didn’t call him anything but a “mysterious and exciting guest role.” Why wouldn’t Russell T. Davies or anyone else simply state that he would be portraying Captain Jack Harkness? But if he’s just going to like a comment and start rumors, then all the secrecy seems pointless.

Russell T. Davies might just like a lot of comments without reading them, and he might not even know what he’s done. I could also see how he could be causing trouble on purpose by liking comments like that, trying to keep fans guessing about what will happen next in Doctor Who. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to mix up all of Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor’s stylish looks.

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Jonathan Groff’s first appearance as Captain Jack would be a way to bring back the character, who hasn’t been seen since John Barrowman’s scandal over past inappropriate behavior on the Doctor Who set. Barrowman had a history of exposing himself on set. He apologized and talked about the claims years ago, but the brand hasn’t let him back since the scandal came up again.

Even though Doctor Who never publicly reprimanded John Barrowman, steps were taken to get him and Captain Jack out of a number of projects. This meant that a Torchwood audiobook that Barrowman was in and a book that was going to tie into a Season 13 episode had to be canceled.

Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd defended Barrowman after the claims came up again, but it didn’t do much to win back the franchise’s favor for the actor. As of this writing, we don’t know what part Jonathan Groff will play on Doctor Who when he joins.

Fans are excited about this new age, which is said to have a bigger budget and more consistent seasons from year to year, for more reasons than just him. If the show can get more guest stars like Groff, it might bring in some new fans and give the series a new lease on life.

In November, for the 60th anniversary features, Doctor Who will be shown for the first time on Disney+. Then, in a holiday special, Ncuti Gatwa’s first official show as The Doctor will air, so get excited for the second half of 2023!

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