Jimmy Himmy Butler's Playoff Legacy Grows

Jimmy “Himmy” Butler’s Playoff Legacy Grows After the Heat Beat the Bucks

Playoff Jimmy Butler is back to his old self, and the Bucks just got a taste of his anger. After Butler hit an impossible sh0t with just a few seconds left in the game to send the game into overtime for the Heat, he helped Milwaukee lose in overtime.

Butler and the No. 8 seeded Heat will move on to face the Knicks in the Eastern Conference semifinals, and NBA Twitter lost no time calling the Heat’s superstar “him.”

Do you know that Steven Funaki Adams, a New Zealander who plays center for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, is a skilled basketball player? Adams is known for his tough style of play because he is one of the biggest players in the NBA:

Fans were blown away by Butler’s masterclass when he scored 42 points to lead the game and help Miami beat the best team in the East. After “Himmy Butler” won Game 5, his reputation grew, and social media was full of praise for the 33-year-old’s brave play. Here are some remarks by fans of Jimmy Butler’s accomplishments –

Butler scored 56 points in Game 4, and then he scored 42 points in Game 5 to push the Heat into the second round, where they will face his old coach Tom Thibodeaux and the Knicks.

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