Jack Kirby's Son Disputing the 'Stan Lee' Disney+ Documentary Storyline

Jack Kirby’s Son Disputing the ‘Stan Lee’ Disney+ Documentary Storyline

A new Disney+ program about the life of Marvel Comics editor Stan Lee has been criticized by the son of his co-creator. The Stan Lee documentary on Disney+ has been challenged by Neal Kirby and his daughter, Jillian Kirby, through a series of tweets.

Lee receives far too much credit for inventing the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and other Marvel characters that Kirby helped bring to life, according to the complaint.

“Are we to assume Lee had a hand in creating every Marvel character? Are we to assume that it was never the other co-creator that walked into Lee’s office and said, ‘Stan I have a great idea for a character!’ According to Lee, it was always his idea. Lee spends a fair amount of time talking about how and why he created the Fantastic Four, with only one fleeting reference to my father.”

Neal wrote that Lee depended on others for significant plot aspects.

“It should be noted and is generally accepted that Stan Lee had a limited knowledge of history, mythology, or science. On the other hand, my father’s knowledge of these subjects, to which I and many others can personally attest, was extensive. Einstein summed it up better; ‘More the knowledge, lesser the ego. Lesser the knowledge, more the ego.’”

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Neal Kirby stated that he is fed up with the Stan Lee myth and is defending the work of all the writers and illustrators who were overshadowed.

The post ends with –

“It’s way past time to at least get this one chapter of literary/art history right. ‘Nuff said.”

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