A Man Kidnaps And Assaults Three Women

In A Week, A Man Kidnaps And Assaults Three Women

Authorities in Ohio say a 26-year-old man kidnapped three women for four days in mid-February and raped two.

Prosecutor Melissa Powers of Hamilton County, Ohio, revealed on March 6 that police had detained a suspect named Rodolfo Castillo, who faces up to 85 years in jail for the offenses for which he is being accused.

This is the worst-case scenario for any woman. Those women must have been terrified,” Powers said in a statement. The bravery required to make it through something like this is extraordinary.

According to a news release from the prosecutor’s office, the first incident occurred on February 13, when Castillo called a transportation service and requested a female driver to pick up a female customer. The woman claims Castillo entered her car and directed her to park behind a building.

Miami Herald also covered the news:

According to the indictment, he drove a screwdriver into her ribcage before shoving her into the backseat. According to Powers, Castillo went to the driver’s bank and withdrew money after tying the woman’s hands and feet.

The prosecution alleges that Castillo made the lady perform oral sex on him at a gas station before letting her go.

The next day, he is accused of asking a woman who was leaving a Kroger store if she needed a ride. Castillo allegedly grabbed the woman’s phone and hit her multiple times after she entered the vehicle, as detailed in the press release.

According To Reports

According to Powers, the woman escaped from the automobile when it came to a stop because Castillo had threatened to rape and kill her.

The prosecutor claims that Castillo again used a ride service on February 16. The man allegedly forced his way into the car, pressed a knife against the woman’s ribs, and ordered her to drive to an undisclosed place.

According to the prosecutor, he raped the victim after tying her wrists and feet in a vacant parking lot. When he was picked up, he allegedly raped her again at the same spot. The female passenger was afterward allowed to exit the car.

Castillo threatened to kill the victims if they notified anybody about the rapes, according to Powers’ account of the two alleged incidents.

Kidnapping, rape, and aggravated violence are among the charges against him.

There may be more victims out there,” she stated. For more information about Rodolfo Castillo, please call the Forest Park Police Department at (513) 595-5220.

In the north of Cincinnati lies a suburb known as Forest Park.

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