Has Will Levis Been Drafted?

Has Will Levis Been Drafted? The Kentucky QB Slips Out of the First Round of the NFL!

The absence of movement during the first round of the 2023 NFL draft was one of the most striking occurrences. Will Levis, a quarterback for Kentucky, went into the game night as one of the top four candidates for the job and a top-15 pick.

Instead, he finished the night still unsure of his pro future, missing the round entirely and moving to Day 2 of the selection on Friday (28 April).

The Carolina Panthers selected Alabama quarterback Bryce Young first overall, followed by Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud at number two, the Houston Texans at number four, Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson at number five, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, did not call Levis’ name, who had been associated with the Colts at No. 4. at 229 pounds and 6-4. Levis has a standard build and the agility to make plays while moving. His most prominent feature, however, is his considerable arm strength, as he boasted at the NFL scouting combine (According to the New York Post)

“a cannon, and I want to show it off. I think I’ve got one of the stronger arms to come out of any draft class in recent memory.”

Has Will Levis Been Drafted?
Has Will Levis Been Drafted?

However, According to Yahoo, his 2022 season didn’t proceed as expected. Levis had more erratic ball placement because of many njuries and a new offensive coordinator. No SEC opponent saw him pass for more than 230 yards. Levis insisted, though, that he could start the game in Levis’ place.

“I think that I’m immediately able to be plugged into any offense, learn it well, and become a leader very quickly for whatever team I play for,” Levis said. “But obviously, the goal is to progress. I want to get better every year. I’m not expecting myself to be the best quarterback in the league right off the bat.”

“That’s just what development is all about. That’s what I’m going to lean on the coaches and the staff and the players around me to help get to that level.”

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