Google's Latest AI Chatbot Bard

How to Use Google’s Latest AI Chatbot Bard?

The beta version of the ChatGPT rival is now available for your testing pleasure. Bard, Google’s new AI chatbot, is now available to the public as an experiment. Join the waitlist now to get early access to the ChatGPT rival before it’s made available to the public.

Bard makes use of NLP and ML to formulate instantaneous replies. Whether you need it to organize a trip to Spain for six people or send a refund request to customer support, it can do it all. Google admits that its AI system isn’t quite as advanced as ChatGPT’s and that the latter’s responses could be erroneous or even offensive.

This is so that early testers can utilize the chatbot, provide feedback to engineers, and help Google enhance its AI technology, which is why access to Bard is now restricted. We’ll show you how to get on the waitlist for the beta version of Bard right now and give you a sneak peek at the AI chatbot in action if you’re interested.

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Before we start…

To get on the list for Bard and use it yourself, you must:

  • Have your own personal Google account (meaning it’s run by you and not a parent, guardian or admin)
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a supported web browser (Chrome, Chromium-based Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari)
If you want to use Bard for yourself and get off the waiting list, you must

How to join the Bard waitlist?

Make sure you’re logged into your Google account before visiting on your mobile device or computer to add your name to the Bard waitlist. Then, confirm your interest by clicking the blue Join waitlist option and then selecting Yeah, I’m in.

Joining the waiting list does not need you to agree to receive email notifications. Once your Google account has been approved for Bard, you will receive an email notification.

How to Use Google's Latest AI Chatbot Bard?

Using Bard

You can either click the blue Take it for a spin button in the email or navigate to if you have been sent an invitation to use Bard. When you first launch Bard, Google’s terms of service and privacy policies will be shown for your acceptance.

After you’ve finished the tutorial and reached Bard, you can ask him anything. Choose from a list of pre-selected queries like “Make a packing list for my weekend fishing and camping vacation” if you’re at a loss for what to type into the AI chatbot.

Type your query into Bard, and in a moment or two you’ll get an answer. Your inquiry will determine how long or short of an answer you get. Your response should have three drafts, or potential solutions, listed at the top.
Down at the bottom of the page is a “thumbs down” option you can use if you don’t agree with the answer given to your inquiry. If you agree with the reply, give it a thumbs up. In addition, you can click the Google links to search for additional information. To save the response to your clipboard and use it later, click the three-dot menu button in the bottom right. Finally, you can edit your inquiry by clicking the “edit” option in the top-right corner.

On the left side of the website, you’ll see a few options-

  1. Reset chat: Clears your chat so you can ask a new question.
  2. Bard activity: Shows you every question you’ve asked Bard. You can choose to disable this feature.
  3. FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Bard. You’ll find information about sources, data collection, advertising, and more.
  4. Help & Support: Get answers to any issues you might have. You can report an incorrect or offensive Bard response here.

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