Former Sumner Basketball Coach Allegedly Sexually Molested And Harassed Minor

Former Sumner Basketball Coach Allegedly Sexually Molested And Harassed Minor

A second family has sued an ex-varsity basketball coach at Sumner High School.

The boy’s family says that Jacob “Jake” Jackson abused and bothered him sexually after meeting him at a Sumner Basketball Academy event.

They filed the suit against Jackson and Sterling Athletics on February 27 in Pierce County Superior Court.

In October, the News Tribune wrote about a lawsuit that was filed against Jackson by another family. The same things were said by that family. Loren Cochran of the Cochran Douglas law firm is the lawyer for both families.

In 2016, Jackson became a coach at Sumner High. He is no longer employed by the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District, as of September. The district put him on administrative leave on August 31, around the same time the city said it was looking into something, and later said in a statement that he no longer worked there.

Jackson Had Not Been Arrested Or Charged With A Crime

As of March 7, Jackson had not been arrested or charged with a crime.

Brett Purtzer from the Hester Law Group is the lawyer for Jackson in both cases. Purtzer said he had nothing to say about the suit that was filed on February 27.

Carmen Palmer, a spokesperson for the City and Sumner Police Departments, wrote in an email that “the case is still a very active, ongoing criminal investigation.”

In an email, Adam Faber, a spokesman for the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, said they know there is an investigation going on, but it hasn’t reached their office yet.

Faber said, “I expect that it won’t be brought here until the investigation is done.” “When we get it, we’ll look at it to decide how much to charge.”

Cochran said that it is “very hard” for the families he is helping to wait for the criminal investigation to end and for the prosecutor to decide what charges to bring.

“It’s hard for people who have been abused as children and their families to just sit around and wait for the process to work,” Cochran said.

The complaint was filed on February 27. It says that what Jackson did caused and is still causing the boy “extreme emotional distress, personal anguish, fear, humiliation, pain, and suffering.”

In the lawsuit, it was said that Jackson is the CEO of Sterling Athletics and that the Puyallup company makes and sells sports balls, equipment, and clothes.

In the lawsuit, the boy is called “John Doe 3,” and it says that he met Jackson between ninth and tenth grade, in the summer of 2021.

Jackson Gave The Boy Free Basketball Gear, Shoes And Clothes

In the complaint, this is how the events went:

Jackson saw the boy play basketball at a Sumner Basketball Academy event that Sterling Athletics helped to fund. After that, Jackson tried to get in touch with him through Instagram.

Jackson is said to have “started talking to the boy a lot” through Instagram, Snapchat, and text messages. Jackson is said to have asked for and received sexually explicit pictures on Snapchat.

Jackson gave the boy free basketball gear, shoes, and clothes around the same time. He asked the boy if he would like to work at the business’s warehouse. The boy agreed to the deal.

Jackson would pick up the boy from his house in the morning and drop him back off at the end of the day. The lawsuit says that he would sometimes show himself to the boy on the way to and from work. The complaint also says that he would pay the boy “a very high hourly rate.”

The lawsuit says that Jackson eventually asked the boy to come to his house to help him with yard work. The boy supposedly felt like he had to do what was asked of him and was afraid of what would happen if he didn’t, so he agreed to help.

The lawsuit said there was a time Jackson called the boy into his house, and the boy allegedly found him masturbating on a couch.

Jackson also called the boy into a guest bedroom and told him to look at the shoes in his closet. Jackson is said to have exposed himself when the boy turned around and told the boy that he had to do the same if he wanted to leave the closet. Then, the boy says, Jackson masturbated in front of him.

During the next school year, Jackson allegedly kept in touch with the boy and sent and asked for sexually explicit photos.

The lawsuit says that Jackson told the boy that this kind of behavior was “normal” for boys his age. The lawsuit said that he also made it normal to send personal messages like “I love you.”

The complaint in the lawsuit names the boy’s parents as John Doe 4 and Jane Doe 2. It says that what happened to their son caused them “parental grief, mental anguish, and suffering.”

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