Explosion At Oakwood Village Manufacturing Factory

Cameras Capture Explosion At Oakwood Village Manufacturing Factory

On Monday, several fire units, including one from Broadview Heights, responded to a tragic explosion at a metal factory in Oakwood Village.

Lt. Jay Gaiser described the debris field as “a hundred yards of block and rebar.”

Gaiser reported that his team wasn’t needed at the I—Schumann and Company foundry. As soon as they returned to their base, though, they started getting calls from locals.

“We started receiving calls around 4:30 about a burning rubber smell,” said Gaiser.

Clip Of Incident Took Place In Oakwood Village Manufacturing Factory

The above clip has footage from the Ohio Department of Transportation that FOX 8 got through a public records request and shows the explosion’s immediate aftermath at roughly 2:30 p.m. A camera captures the extent of the smoke cloud pointed south along Interstate 271.

Communities in the area were exposed to the fire’s haze and smoke. Broadview Heights and Seven Hills residents called their local fire departments to report an unpleasant stench following the explosion.

Gaiser explained that they checked everything out with their metres to provide the residents peace of mind.

An estimated thirteen persons were injured, with one dying from their injuries after the explosion.

Joey Sacrconi, who works across the street, was coming from lunch when the explosion occurred, luckily missing him. “I hear a tremendous boom and go over and see the column of smoke and then the explosion,” Sacrconi said.

Gabe Spiegel tweet a post of explosion:

It took hours for the fire to be contained and the people trapped inside to be rescued, despite the efforts of firefighters and first responders from many different communities.

“We realized there were several injured people inside the building so we established an EMS sector and began triaging patients,” said Capt. Brian DiRocco with Oakwood Village Fire Department. “A lot of burn injuries like the walking wounded coming up to us.”

Some vehicles were crushed, and others caught fire, but the flying debris hurt no one.

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A nearby company employs ed Soukup. He said, “You know, I’m simply praying for these guys and women in there; it’s terrible,” even though his car had been destroyed.

Agents from the ATF and the State Fire Marshal arrived and launched an investigation. Afterwards, the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner also responded and reported that one death had occurred.


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