DJ Khaled reacted to the outrageous rumor he passed

Staying Alive Dj Khaled Reacted to the Outrageous Rumor He Passed Away While Driving in the Video Clip

As news of a fatal vehicle accident involving DJ Khaled spread online, the musician has responded with a new video. On Thursday, the rapper posted a message to his over 33 million fans on Instagram.
DJ Khaled filmed the clip while relaxing in front of his fireplace at home.

As he faced the camera, family portraits lining the walls caught his eye. He went on to praise the quality and comfort of the yellow and black Savage X Fenty he was wearing.

At the end of the clip, DJ Khaled gave credit to the video’s creator, Rihanna, and urged viewers to buy the hoodie shown in the clip. There have been suspicions that the Grammy winner was killed in a car crash, and this post confirms those rumors.

DJ Khaled reacted to the outrageous rumor he passed
DJ Khaled reacted to the outrageous rumor he passed

A report claiming DJ Khaled had died in a car crash went viral earlier this month. The 47-year-old was reportedly using Snapchat at the time of the event, according to the website Not Allowed To.

Also, DJ Khaled’s car was “badly damaged,” according to the article.
The article continued by saying that the father of two “suffered primarily minor injuries” but was still alive despite a small fracture, wounds, and bruises.

The rapper’s supposed death was also reported in a TikTok video. Clippings from a news station called Channel 46 news reported the death of the Louisiana native shown in the post.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Khaled’s death at precisely 5:30 p.m. Once similar stories surfaced, this one was promptly disproved by Snopes. New Orleans native DJ Khaled (real name: Khaled Mohamed Khaled) is a musician, record producer, and rapper.

He has released 13 studio albums over his career, and almost all of them have been well-received. His devoted following was understandably baffled and hurt by the gossip.

Someone tweeted, “DJ Khaled is dead???”Another said: “Is the Reported Demise of DJ Khaled True or False?” His devoted following can breathe a sigh of relief that the rumors appear to have been put to rest.

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