Brandon Lowe Injury

Brandon Lowe Injury Leaves Tampa Bay Rays Scrambling Ahead Of Playoffs!

Brandon Lowe will not play again this season because he hurt his knee. After securing a spot in the playoffs, the Tampa Bay Rays will miss out on a key offensive play as they get ready for the tournament.

Lowe is one of the best people to play second base. This season, he has hit 21 home runs and has a batting average of 231. This is the eighth-best for a player at his position. He has walked 11.5% of the time, and even though he strikes out a lot, he has shown himself to be an above-average hitter for the Rays.

During the game against the Los Angeles Angels, the 29-year-old got hurt. He missed a ball with his knee and was later seen stumbling. He was taken out of the game and taken to get more tests. When the test results came back, Lowe was told he had broken his knee and would need at least 4-6 weeks to heal. Kevin Cash the manager of RaysBaseball shares some injury updates which also include the name Brandon Lowe.

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The Rays put Isaac Paredes at second base for the game on Friday night. Curtis Mead moved to third place. The team is also dealing with other injuries right now. Randy Arozarena is day-to-day with tightness in his right quad and relief Jason Adam was taken off the mound with the same problem.

At this point, the Baltimore Orioles are two games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East, so this is the worst thing that could happen to the Rays.

Brandon Lowe Injury

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Brandon Lowe’s Late-season Injury Issues

Brandon Lowe has been hurt late in the season before. With a bone bruise in his right leg, the Rays infielder lost a lot in the second half of 2019. He came back for the playoffs that year, but he couldn’t play last year because of a back problem that kept coming up. His expected date of return only leaves room for Lowe to come back late, if the Rays make it that far.

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