Big Lex's 911 Call After Fight With Joseline Hernandez Released

Big Lex’s 911 Call Following Fight With Joseline Hernandez Is Made Public

Big Lex called 911 after Joseline Hernandez beat her up, but she wasn’t looking for medical help. Instead, she was looking for justice and wanted the person who hurt her to be arrested.

TMZ has received the dispatch audio documenting BL’s emergency call following a brutal beating at the hands of Joseline backstage during Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight, and it appears she intended to press charges.

You can hear Lex speaking with the operator, who is asking her the standard inquiries, and she sounds relatively calm, cool, and collected about the situation.

Big Lex and Joseline Hernandez
Big Lex and Joseline Hernandez

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Lex provides all the required information, but when the dispatcher asks if she requires medical assistance for any njuries, she says no. Instead, she states that she only requires the presence of officers to submit a police report — obviously in the hopes of an arrest.

Lex states that she is waiting at a nearby petrol station to provide officers with all pertinent information. Clearly, she provided them with the means to ultimately apply restraints. Joseline was arrested and booked on accυsations of battery and trespassing. It appears from her mugshot that she had a chaotic night.

Obviously, the entire incident was captured on camera, and you can plainly see Joseline raining strikes on Big Lex while simultaneously holding her in a headlock. Lex was left partially naked after the volent altercation, and it took some time for them to be separated.

BTW, Lex wasn’t the only person Joseline swung on that night; there’s copious footage of her attempting to attack other people, including grown males. Uncertain what precisely precipitated the drama, but it ended with JH behind bars as Lex desired.

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