andrew tate leaked Text

Leaked Texts Show Andrew Tate’s Alleged Trafficking Tactics to Exploit Woman

According to newly released communications, self-proclaimed misogynist influencer Andrew Tate admitted to sounding “almost evil” when detailing the strategies he allegedly used to exploit and manipulate an alleged s*x-trafficking victim.

The claimed techniques were revealed in a series of messages from 2021 posted by Tate in his War Room network — an all-male social platform and Telegram channel comprised of his associates, according to Rolling Stone.

The 36-year-old, who is presently under house arrest in Bucharest, Romania after being detained with his brother Tristan on charges of sex trafficking last December, appeared to brag to his fellow War Room members about allegedly coaxing a woman into doing sex work for him.

andrew tate leaked Text
andrew tate leaked Text

Tate described in the chats how he persuaded the woman, who had come from her own country to be with him in Bucharest, to begin generating sexualized internet content for him, despite her initial objections to sending him images or conducting OnlyFans. “Since she moved [to Bucharest] she’s been fed. But nothing else,” he allegedly wrote in the messages. She’s broke. And she can’t go home. And she can’t leave the house. Man, I sound almost evil. But I’m not. I’m a Shephard. She is leading the sheep. She doesn’t realize that following me makes life better for her.

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Tate allegedly stated in subsequent texts how he made the lady even more reliant on him by falsely telling her he was unhappy after finding through her acquaintances that she purportedly worked at a sex club. Tate claimed he threatened to kick her out and said the deception placed her on the defensive and made her more reliant on him.

“The real goal is for her to agree to never go anywhere without me. Not even her home town, “I need her working,” he allegedly wrote. In a screenshot of an apparent text exchange between Tate and the woman, he reportedly told her: “You are never going back to [her hometown] even to visit” and “You don’t need to leave the house in Bucharest….We are together.

Always.”She responded: “Yes. I understand.”In earlier messages, Tate also talked about some of the so-called attributes he searches for in a lady. “Give me an average moron with no skills who’s blind loyal,” he allegedly wrote. “I judge all females by loyalty. If they’re loyal, they won’t leave. In the end, they’ll do everything you want.”The woman at the heart of the texts, one of seven females named by Romanian authorities in their case against Tate, has repeatedly denied being one of his claimed victims.

Tate has also disputed the sex trafficking claims levelled against him. Tate’s representative claimed in a statement that publishing the “purported screenshots” was part of a smear attempt against him and his brother. According to the spokeswoman, the female mentioned in the communications “has publicly and categorically refuted any mistreatment from the brothers.” While the public has unquestioningly accepted all statements from the alleged victims incriminating the brothers, the evidence supporting the brothers’ innocence has not been treated equally.

Prosecutors in Romania have charged Tate, his brother, and two Romanian women with forming a criminal gang in 2021 “to commit the crime of human trafficking” in Romania, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Investigators, the seven accused victims were recruited with phoney claims of love and then compelled to participate in pornography. In the indictment, the ladies were reportedly controlled by “intimidation, constant surveillance,” and assertions that they were in debt.

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