After Being Caught For A Previous Crime, A Person Suspected Of Stealing Is Charged

After Being Caught For A Previous Crime, A Person Suspected Of Stealing Is Charged

Morgantown resident Vincent David Okoli, 20, has been charged with first-degree robbery after allegedly breaking into a Willey Street apartment, threatening the resident, and then stealing their automobile.

The criminal complaint stated that the alleged robbery happened on the evening of February 25 while the victim was at home. The next day she contacted the police in Morgantown to report the incident.

The victim reported that Okoli broke into her flat at 6:40 p.m. and demanded to use her black 2010 Audi A6.

After allegedly threatening her with a revolver, Okoli placed the weapon down and asked again for her keys.

The victim “handed Okoli her keys out of terror,” as stated in the lawsuit. After taking the car, he drove off.

The vehicle was found four hours after the initial complaint, according to MPD Chief Eric Powell’s interview with The Dominion Post.

Powell claims that Okoli was taken into custody at 9:45 p.m. on the night of the purported heist due to an outstanding warrant from a different fraud case.

On February 10th, news of the incident spread.

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Where Was Okoli?

Because Okoli was already in jail at the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office at around 11 p.m., Powell said, MPD was able to secure a second arrest warrant for the robbery and have him served.

At his arraignment on February 27th, he pleaded not guilty to the robbery allegation. He was allowed to go free after posting a bond for $100,000.

Items from WVU University Park were stolen. According to court documents, Okoli was indicted on two charges of burglary, two counts of grand theft, and one count of destruction of property in May 2022. The lawsuit is still pending in the Circuit Court of Monongalia County.

Even though Okoli was a part of West Virginia University’s 2020 recruiting class for football, he was not eligible to play in that year. In March of 2021, he went through the gateway to the other side.

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