A Rally In Philadelphia Has Been Planned In Response To The Texas Abortion Ban Lawsuit

A Rally In Philadelphia Has Been Planned In Response To The Texas Abortion Ban Lawsuit

The Philadelphia chapter of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights has called for a protest event on Wednesday. It follows a lawsuit filed by Texas women challenging the state’s abortion ban and seeking clarification on its exceptions.

Excuse me, Anna Zargarian, but my heart shattered into a million pieces.

Zargarian says she was thrilled to be expecting a child, but at 19 weeks, she had a potentially fatal illness when her water broke.

She claims that the new law in Texas prevents doctors from providing a potentially lifesaving abortion.

It wasn’t until Zargarian’s life was in imminent danger that he was offered a termination.

Zargarian is one of five women who have joined the Center for Reproductive Rights lawsuit against the state of Texas.

Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said, “What the law requires physicians to do is weigh these genuine fears of criminal prosecution against the health and well-being of their patients.”

According to Rep. Marc Veasey, he tweeted on Texas’ abortion:

According To Law

Texas’s abortion laws are among the strictest in the US, along with those of 11 other states. Unless in extreme cases, such as when a woman’s life is in danger or when a terminal diagnosis has been given to the unborn, it is illegal to perform an abortion.

Medical professionals have expressed concern about providing abortion services due to the new law’s harsh penalties, which include the potential of life in jail.

A proponent of the regulation opposed to abortion rights claims that the new rules have left doctors scratching their heads.

A woman need not be on her deathbed for Texas law to mandate intervention, according to Texas Right to Life president John Seago.

This lawsuit is intended to clarify the scope of certain medical exemptions.

According to Zargarian, she had to rush to make travel arrangements to Colorado for the operation.

What I needed most at that time was the freedom of choice that Texas legislators denied me, Zargarian added.

The pro-abortion rights rally is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Wednesday at the Liberty Bell.

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