A Kid From Santa Rosa High School Was Detained For Bringing A Gun To Class

A Kid From Santa Rosa High School Was Detained For Bringing A Gun To Class

Police were alerted to another Santa Rosa high school only minutes before a student was tragically stabbed inside a classroom at Montgomery High School, according to investigators.

On Wednesday at 10:47 a.m., Maria Carrillo High School contacted the Santa Rosa Police Department to investigate “rumours that a student may have brought a pistol on school,” as police noted in their report.

A police officer and a 16-year-old pupil were seen entering a school office together.

Los Angeles Times also covered the news on Twitter:

During a brief conversation with the student, the student fled the building to elude the police. The runner ended up in the mobile home park south of campus, between Montecito Boulevard and Parkhurst Road. The officer had temporarily lost sight of the student but had quickly caught up with and apprehended him, according to the SRPD report.

The student hid the pistol, according to authorities; during the short period, he was able to elude capture. Wednesday, police searched Maria Carrillo High School in hopes of discovering the gun but came up empty.

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On The Next Day

On Thursday, police returned to campus and followed the student’s footprints to a storm drain on Oakstone Court, not far from where he was apprehended the day before.

“This handgun was similar to what MCHS students reported may have been on campus. The 16-year-old student was later booked into the Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Center for possessing a firearm on campus and obstructing/delaying a police officer,” SRPD wrote.

The police praised the MCHS kids who reported the pistol to the school administration, and the school administrators were thanked for immediately relaying the information to the police.

A student from Santa Rosa’s Maria Carrillo High School was one of two juveniles arrested for incidents that occurred on school grounds this week. A freshman at Montgomery High School has been charged with murder and attempted murder after reportedly stabbing two juniors during an art class.

Jayden Jess Pienta, 16, was a junior stabbed three times in the chest, collapsed in the nurse’s office, and was afterward pronounced dead at a local hospital.

KTVU also covered the news of Jayden Pienta, who died after three stabbed in the chest:

Due to the boys’ age, authorities have not disclosed their names.

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