12-year-old Girl Banned From Metro Atlanta Walmart For Eating A Sucker Without Paying

12-year-old Girl Banned From Metro Atlanta Walmart For Eating A Sucker Without Paying

A Walmart in North Fulton County, Georgia, won’t let a 12-year-old girl in because she stole a sucker.

The store called the police because she ate the candy before she paid for it, according to Channel 2 Consumer Investigator Justin Gray.

Now, her dad is telling other parents to be careful.

The girl’s father, Jamie Hurley, said, “It was a Dum Dum, the kind that Walmart greeters usually give to kids when they come in.”

He said that was the kind of candy that got his daughter a warning for breaking the law. On March 3, police in Milton gave it to her.

Hurley read the warning, which said, “I’m never allowed on Walmart land or property.”

The father said that while he was getting the younger daughter from the store, his daughter opened a bag of suckers, took one out, and ate it without paying.

Hurley said that when he went back to get the candy, he offered to pay for it. But a police report that Channel 2 Action News got says, “Walmart refused the money and also chose not to press theft charges.”

Hurley said, “They ended up giving her a trespassing ticket and telling her that if she ever came back, she would be arrested.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

He said that this is the first time his daughter has ever been in this kind of trouble.

“Of course, we talked about what was wrong with stealing,” Hurley said.

But he doesn’t think the punishment fits the crime.

Hurley said, “I just thought it was totally unfair that they handled this with a 12-year-old eating a piece of candy.”

He said he sent an email to Walmart and got a reply saying, “I have sent this to the right management team for the Alpharetta, GA store to help.”

Mr. Hurley Was Kicked Out Of Store

He went back to the store when he didn’t hear back.

“And I went in there yesterday to talk, but they just turned me down. “They said they are still looking into it,” Hurley said.

Walmart was contacted by Channel 2 Action News. This is what a spokesperson said:

“Mr. Hurley was kicked out of our store because he was rude to employees and made it hard to do business. Mr. Hurley put his name on the paper. We didn’t mean to break into Mr. Hurley’s daughter’s house, and we’ll work with the police to make things right.”

But that doesn’t fit with what the quote says. On the ticket, the girl wrote her name and signed it.

Hurley wants other parents to know, “Watch your kids in Walmart,” he says.

Channel 2 Action News asked Milton Police if the officer had any choice in this situation.

They told us that if a private business or homeowner asks for it, the department must give a criminal trespass warning.

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