12-Year-Old Boy And Parents Shot Dead In Andover Home

12-Year-Old Boy And Parents Shot Dead In Andover Home

A 12-year-old child and both of his parents were discovered dead in their Andover home on Thursday morning. All three victims appeared to have been shot.

During a news conference, Andover Police Chief Patrick Keefe stated that at 3:21 AM, a 911 call was placed from the residence located at 48 Porter Road and that officers arrived at the scene approximately five minutes later. When police finally gained entry to the home after breaking down two doors, they discovered a father (56), mother (55), and son (12) who had all been shot to death.

Paul Tucker, the district attorney for Essex County, emphasized that there was no danger to the general public.

He reassured the public that “no danger to the public at all” exists. Everything that happened up to this point may be traced back to this same address.

The authorities did not reveal any information about the shooter or the 911 caller. They claimed that nobody else the parents and their son was present in the residence.

According to Keefe, law enforcement was never called to the residence.

He replied, “The probe is ongoing.” Our current focus is on determining the why, as it is clear that we already know the how. To proceed, we, therefore, require additional time to consider this matter.

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Tucker stated that authorities had notified the next of kin.

The District Attorney claimed that the 12-year-old was a sixth-grader at St. John’s Prep in Danvers. Classes on Thursday were canceled, according to an announcement on the school website.

Tucker said he felt it was important for people to know they may get help if they are experiencing mental health problems or sadness.

His statement that “services are available” was remarked upon. Whether directly or through service providers, our office is here to help anyone in need.

He paused to consider how these incidents affect the people who rush to help.

To see how emotionally taxing their work can be, “we need only look back at the previous several weeks in Massachusetts, some of the difficult things that our first responders, our state police detectives, our local detectives, local police officers, firefighters, and EMS,” he said. We worry about them all the time. These men and women perform heroically in trying conditions.

Since the beginning of the year, several communities in Massachusetts have been rocked by acts of violence and tragedies, including the brutal murder of a Cohasset mother and the subsequent arrest of her husband, the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in Mattapan, and the arrest of a Duxbury mother who allegedly strangled her three children to death before attempting suicide.

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