Who Is Alexander Jennings

Who Is Alexander Jennings And His Role In The Netflix Show?

Outer Banks Season 3 aired on Netflix on February 23, 2023. It marked the return of fan favourites such Jonathan Daviss, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, and Rudy Pankow as the Pogues. Nonetheless, the episode featured a unique tribute to one deserving Outer Banks resident. In this article, we will discuss Alexander Jennings and his role in the Netflix show.

Who Is Alexander Jennings?

As the ninth episode of Outer Banks’ third season ended, a dedication card reading “In loving memory of Alexander Jennings” was shown. Stunt performer Alexander Jennings was a stand-in for Chase Stokes, the Outer Banks’s Pogues’ leader.

Alexander Jennings, tragically, lost away on July 15, 2022, from injuries he got in a double hit-and-run. He was just 22 years old. When this happened, the show’s production occurred near Charleston, South Carolina.

The agency that handled Chase Stokes, Kimmie Stewart Casting, acknowledged the news of his passing and sent a moving tribute. According to the release, Stokes relocated to Charleston from New York to act as Chase Stokes’ stunt double.

Alexander Jennings’s untimely death was a terrible shock to his loved ones. According to the release, Jennings was a remarkable person with a contagious smile who would be sorely missed.

Actor Chase Stokes also sent an emotional tribute to Alexander Jennings on his social media accounts. In his narrative, the actor revealed that he is still struggling to come to terms with Jennings’ death and questions the logic behind tragedies like this. Stokes continued by elaborating on how excited Jennings was about his music at such a pivotal time in his young life.

Who Broke The Sad News That Alexander Jennings Had Passed Away?

Kimmie Stewart Casting, who represented Chase Stokes, confirmed the untimely death of Alex Jennings on Instagram. Starting his letter, he wrote, “It is with great sadness that I share on Tuesday, Alexander “AJ” Jennings’ mother notified me of his unfortunate death.”

Here is an Instagram post by Stewart Casting:

Kimmie went on to say, “Outer Banks crew & cast suffered a terrible loss when AJ was struck by two cars, that fled the scene early this morning.”

He further added, “AJ was a beautiful, kind soul & a bright light every day on set. He moved to Charleston from New York to work as our John B photo double/stand in this season. I cannot fathom the shock and tragedy of AJ’s sudden loss and our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time.”

Chase Stokes Paid Alexander Jennings A Touching Homage

Chase posted the following on his Instagram Story:

“Still trying to process why certain things happen, and why the world works in the ways that it does. My heart is shattered. Your life was just starting. We JUST talked about how pumped you were about your tunes, how far you’d come with that ole 6 string and your want to keep creating art. Always always making others hearts warm and being so damn selfless.”

Stokes further added, “We JUST talked about how pumped you were about your tunes, how far you’d come with that ole 6 string and your want to keep creating art. Always always making others hearts warm and being so damn selfless I wish I had more words to say right now, but the past day has been a struggle to say the least.”

He concluded the lengthy statement by writing, “We all loved you, you touched all of our lives and made us all better people, and for that Thank You AJ. Fly high angel.”

What’s The Premise Of The TV Series “Outer Banks”?

The Premise Of The TV Series Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are the setting for the drama series Outer Banks, which follows the lives of a group of close-knit local teenagers (known as “the Pogues”).

A summary of the Netflix original series Outer Banks is as follows: “On an island of haves and have-nots, teen John B enlists his three best pals to quest for a legendary treasure tied to his father’s disappearance.”

Nevertheless, when we shine a light on the Netflix show’s main cast, we see that Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Chase Stokes, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, Deion Smith, and Charles Esten all have prominent roles.

Outer Banks is an adolescent drama created by Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke. Furthermore, the three of them serve as executive producers for the show. On April 15, 2020, the first season of the show premiered on Netflix. The second season of the drama series premiered on Netflix on July 30, 2021.

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