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Triptych Netflix: Digging Deeper Into The Plotline Of A Spanish Thriller Series

A well-crafted and expertly carried out thriller will never go out of style. In February, Netflix will debut the Spanish language original series ‘Trada,’ also known as ‘Triptych.’ Yet Netflix is undoubtedly no stranger to the thriller genre, having produced such exciting shows as “Dark Lust” (2020), “You” (2018), and “Alice in Borderland” (2018). (2020).

The series, created by Leticia Lopez Margalli, will centre on forensic investigator Becca, whose life is turned upside down when assigned to a murder case in which the victim appears strikingly similar to her. When she starts digging for answers, she becomes a target. Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, and Flavio Medina play starring roles in this series.

How To Watch Season 1 Of The Series “Triptych?”

It has been announced that the premiere of “Triptych” will occur exclusively on Netflix, and that the film can be viewed through that service. The Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store feature the Netflix app. Netflix may be seen on a wide variety of devices, including intelligent Televisions, YouView, BT TV Box, Now TV, and Sky Q, as well as on the web.

The Storyline Of The TV Show “Triptych”

The Storyline Of The TV Show Triptych

‘Triptych’ is a “tantalising series inspired by genuine events,” as stated by Netflix. Becca, a forensics expert, will be the protagonist of the show. While investigating the murder of Aleida Trujano, she discovers that the victim’s body is an identical match for her own.

According to Netflix’s official synopsis, the series follows Rebecca as she “undertakes a risky adventure to find the truth about her origins” after discovering she was separated from her two identical sisters at birth.

Who Plays The Leading Roles In The Netflix Original Movie “Triptych”?

Perroni plays the leading role in the ‘Triptych’ series. She has starred in several successful TV programmes, including “Burden of Guilt” (2009) and “Rebelde” (2006). Her character, Becca, is a forensics specialist.

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Angel Zermen plays Moreno, Hector Kotsifakis plays Quezada, and Vicky Araico plays Raquel in the series. You’ll also see Ana Layevska, Chocarro, Medina, Nuria Bages, and Ofelia Medina throughout the series.

A Trailer For Triptych Netflix

The teaser for the new show has piqued everyone’s interest. Several fans on social media have seen parallels between this show and Orphan Black, a Canadian science fiction smash success.

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