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The Snow Girl Ending Explained

The Snow Girl adds to Netflix’s thrilling lineup. Jesus Mesas’ six-episode Spanish mystery, adapted from Javier Castillo’s novel, is binge-worthy.

Miren Rojo (Milena Smit) becomes interested in a child abduction case involving Amaya Martín, who was abducted by her father as her mother watched. Miren, a journalist intern, has a plot that unfolds in flashbacks, showing glimpses of her being raped and how her trauma is affecting her attempts with each twist and turn of the missing child case as the two cases start to converge.

The show’s exquisite portrayal of its characters’ inner problems leads to an exhilarating finale and an ending that offers room for greater suspense in a second season if Netflix adapts it again.

A Tense Encounter Between Miren And Iris

Everything between the first and fifth episodes led to this. After Miren discovered Iris’ name, the viewers knew she’d find her. After the bodies of David Luque (Tristán Ulloa) and James Foster were uncovered, Miren became a newscast suspect.

She realized she had to push Iris to find Amaya now. The series’ most tense scene followed. Iris and Amaya, who had been going by Julia for nine years since being stolen, lived in a secluded region with one route in and out and no neighbors for miles, which added to the drama.

The Snow GirlSource: Netflix

After all, viewers had seen Iris shoot a bank staffer who was alerting them of their past-due mortgage. The spectator realized Miren was smart from her talk with Iris.

The Snow Girl’s writers were masterful at hinting at Miren’s realization that Amaya was being held at this house. When she sat down in the living room, she saw the VCR machine that played the two films Iris and her late husband Santiago had sent her. Iris’ headband matched Amaya’s in the videos. When she arrived, Miren saw a small pink bicycle hidden outback.

The writers added a wonderful touch by presenting clues but also making the viewer play detective because Miren had seen those items but left two more suggestions for the audience to infer. The first was concerned about that same bike when Iris told Miren that when her husband died, she and her dog lived in the house.

This mistake doesn’t explain why this mother has a young girl’s bicycle in her garden. The dog-and-Amaya commotion Miren heard upstairs was the next hint. Iris hastily hushed the sound by stating she put her dog up there since he “goes wild” around people. Iris offers to bring the dog down once the sound doesn’t stop.

After the dog greets him downstairs, Miren relaxes in the kitchen. Miren doesn’t say if she noticed Iris’s lie, although it’s likely.

Wild Death Leaves Lots of Pieces

Everyone knew what was going by now. Iris knew she was caught, and Miren was sure this was the lady who kidnapped Amaya. The creative team did a great job creating its characters across six episodes, and seeing the payoff made this ending worth the twists and turns.

Iris packed up and fled after that chat, prompting a brief automobile pursuit with Miren. Iris drives off the road and down a hill to her death, believing no one can take her from her “daughter”.

Amaya, who had kept her seatbelt on, comes out of the collision with more facial wounds than anything else, firing a round that just scratches Miren’s shoulder before she can grab away the gun and calm her down.

With each second, it became evident that this scene would end badly. Iris, Amaya’s mother’s patient, saw her prospects of having a child diminish. For Iris’s final scene to work, the writers had to establish her problems.

After nine years in seclusion, Amaya is reunited with her parents but still needs time to recuperate. In a heartbreaking moment, her mother calls her Julia, and the wall between the parents and daughter begins to crumble, giving viewers hope that time might mend their bond.

After saving the girl, Miren feels anything but heroic. Because Miren found the two persons who died were part of the dark web page that published her rape tape, the authorities still suspect her of arson. The audience also saw her camera with the two photographs detectives found, implicating Miren.

Eduardo (José Coronado) deleted the picture card to protect her. Miren has several encounters throughout the play, but her strong friendship with Eduardo is a fascinating plotline that pays off in this moment as the viewer sees how far he would go to protect her.

The Meaning of Snow Girl Is Revealed

Before the show concludes, Miren has released a novel called Snow Girl after a two-year time leap. Naturally, it chronicles her search for the Amaya Martín kidnapping truth. The crowd now understands the show’s title.

“Every time they ended, an internal white noise formed on the screen, and that was when I always saw Amaya, covered in snow so much that it was impossible to escape,” Miren says during a book reading. Miren pursued justice for nine years because she couldn’t let this girl slip into darkness.

This Netflix Limited Series isn’t over yet. Before heading out, Miren receives an envelope with the words, “Want to play a game?” As gloomy as that is, a girl tied up in a photo takes this macabre twist to another level. Who’s she? Miren’s connection? None of this is known, leaving the door open for a second season if Netflix follows up its success after six episodes.

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