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Red Rose Netflix Review And The Cast And Crew

The British Broadcasting Corporation released a new horror series called RED ROSE on Netflix. Although the story is in Northern England, the underlying concerns are universal. In addition, most of the cast members are young adults, yet fans of horror of all ages will like it. Explore our in-depth review of Season 1 of Red Rose now!

The Netflix horror series RED ROSE debuted on BBC Three in the UK in August 2022. So, if you’re curious about the storyline, beware of potential spoilers on the internet. Avoid having this one ruined for you in any way. The story is grim and terrible in ways that feel authentic.

Not surprisingly, for a BBC show, this one is set in the north of England. But the main characters are all high school seniors trying to figure out their future careers. Because of this, it has a global scope. And considering that “red rose” is an app, the significance of our mobile devices in our daily lives becomes readily apparent.

Our assessment of Season 1 of Red Rose continues down below. The eight episodes we watched for this review will be available on Netflix beginning February 15, 2023.

Red Rose Netflix Review

Red Rose Netflix Review

With more individuals using the internet now than ever, it’s no longer strange and foreign. When you’re linked up to others, you may find that everything else is more straightforward. Red Rose is a new Netflix series about a group of young, naive people who fall victim to an anonymous predator after downloading a mystery phone app.

Although the idea that evil forces in cyberspace can impact the physical world is not new, especially in a modern context, the show succeeds in reestablishing the sense that the Internet is a dangerous place.

The writers of the 2022 BBC program Red Rose chose to base the show in their hometown of Bolton, England. Production companies Eleven (The Enfield Haunting) and the Clarksons’ previous work (The Haunting of Bly Manor) came together to create this chilling technical exercise in collaboration.

The protagonist is the de facto head of a group of pals who become the focus of the story’s namesake app. After Roch (Isis Hainsworth) finishes her final examinations, she receives the frightening link to Red Rose.

Even though it is summer, Bolton never gets especially hot. Because of this melancholy subject matter, Red Rose’s muted and washed-out presentation works well. More time spent with Red Rose only serves to alienate Roch from her loved ones further.

It has all the makings of a contemporary fairy tale when the app surprises her with gifts that she and her widower father (Samuel Anderson) could never purchase. The skills come with conditions, as one might anticipate. Roch’s strange behavior separates her from her best friend Amelia (Wren Davies), and the tensions between them spread across their group of pals.

Red Rose makes a risky decision early on without giving too much away. The show benefits from this choice in the long run. The desire to discover more about the software and its creator was substantial, and the Clarkson twins weren’t afraid to cause some severe harm in the process.

Because of this turning point, the plot can expand to include more victims to play with, and the search for answers becomes urgent and persistent. Red Rose keeps its secret until the very end, and once it’s disclosed, viewers may feel let down. The antagonist feels more stale than fresh. The story is more powerful when placed in the context of our era when moral panickers unjustly blame some sectors of society for injuring young people.

Red Rose succeeds despite its large ensemble cast, thanks to its strong character development. Regarding individuality, no one is underdeveloped or a carbon copy of someone else. The performances are captivating, and the scenes flow quickly because of the dialogue’s colorful but genuine tone. The story’s lack of originality ultimately undermines it, but the characters are still compelling enough to keep watching.

With its overly ’90s soundtrack and unimaginative “the internet is evil” rhetoric, Red Rose can sometimes feel dated. Though it’s ostensibly a show for young adults, some elements are more appropriate for adults. Despite its flaws, this is an engaging story about loss, full of unexpected twists and exciting people. Horror isn’t always the focus, but when there’s a call for technologically induced terror, Red Rose delivers in spades.

I was so moved by how Netflix wrapped out its Red Rose series.

Season one includes eight 45-minute episodes. While I like the entire series, I felt it necessary to draw attention to the final two episodes, in which the mystery is solved. No “ending explained” is required for this series because of how it naturally concludes.

Furthermore, the final two episodes of Red Rose Season 1 on Netflix are excellent. Instead of the expected horror, a new kind of terror emerges.

Furthermore, the cliffhanger ending of episode 8 raises high hopes for a second season. For my part, I can’t wait to see what happens in Red Rose Season 2, especially if the purpose is to continue the story from the end of season 1. But seriously, I’d love to learn more about the gloomy universe of this series.

Red Rose, Season 1, Is Now Streaming On Netflix

The Clarkson Twins (Michael and Paul) are the creators of Red Rose and the producers of The Haunting of Bly Manor (also directed by Mike Flanagan). This means that The Clarkson Twins have already contributed to the making of a show I enjoyed. They contributed to creating eight episodes of The Wheel of Time and eight episodes of See.

Some of the young performers in the main cast are familiar to me, while others are fresh faces. However, they all give performances that are outstanding and convincing. Teenagers today face a lot more than a strange app on their phones. Addiction-stricken parents, lost loved ones, and a lack of resources are all on the table.

All of them have a lot on their plates already, and that’s just the beginning of their life. It’s a horror mystery anthology with elements reminiscent of the excellent British series Skins. Honestly, I thought this show would be fun and light, but it ended up being so much more than that for me. Better yet! Despite being dramatic and sad at times!

On 15 February 2023, the first season of Red Rose is now available on Netflix.

The Red Rose Cast And Crew

In the new scary show, Amelia Clarkson plays a pivotal part as Wren Davies. To all appearances, she’s the group’s de facto leader. Clarkson appears to be in great shape for the role, and she portrays her character’s raw tension, dread, and paranoia pretty realistically in the teaser without going over the top. Her fans can count on her to deliver a fantastic show.

Amelia Clarkson has acted in several films, including Stomping Grounds, Our Zoo, and All Stars, but she is best recognized for her role in the movie Red Rose.

Isis Hainsworth, who plays the vital part of Roch, also appears in the film. Other notable actors include Ali Khan as Tariq Sadiq, Ellis Howard as Anthony Longwell, and Natalie Blair as Ashley Banister. Michael and Paul Clarkson ran the show.

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