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When Will The Beloved Rai Fiction’s Second Installment, Mare Fuori 3, Be Released?

The second half of Mare Fuori’s third season, which will premiere on Rai 2 on February 15 and run for six episodes in prime time under the direction of Ivan Silvestrini, will soon begin.

This fictional work, which was inspired by Cristiana Farina and was based on a screenplay by Maurizio Careddu, had great success for the first two seasons, and the new episodes of the third season promise fresh feelings with the help of the original cast and a few new characters who the general public will grow to love and loathe.

The Official Storyline For Mare Fuori 3

The Official Storyline For Mare Fuori 3

The protagonists of Mare Fuori’s third season have matured, and many must now decide how to handle their new position as adults in society. The path that leads people to new self-discoveries is through the experience of love.

Undiscovered continents. Due to this unidentified emotion, some will get lost, but others will sense it as if it were a beacon in the darkness and be led by his brilliant light. They will introduce new characters to the IPM, such as Giulia, a trapper member of a Milanese gang. Or the Di Meo brothers, who enter prison along with Dobermann, a non-EU black companion, for destroying a hospital.

When Will The Beloved Rai Fiction’s Second Installment, Mare Fuori 3, Be Released?

The first six episodes of Mare Fuori’s third season were released as a preview, and they were a resounding success.

As excitedly reported by Rai itself in the press, in just 24 hours, Rai TV dramas had a boom in ratings and record on-demand requests with 8 million views and 500 000 hours of viewing.

In summary, a TV show that is extremely popular with young people has achieved an incredible level of popularity; in fact, half of the viewers who saw the episodes in the preview are under 25.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people wonder if and when the final six episodes of Mare fuori’s third season will be released following their binge-watching session.

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So, we now have a confirmed date. Beginning on February 13th, the third season’s second half will be accessible on RaiPlay, always in preview. The time is not coincidental because the first two episodes will be broadcast on Rai2.

Episode schedule for Mare Fuori 3

The air dates for each episode, which will begin airing on Rai 2 on February 15th, are listed below:

  • February 15, episodes 1 and 2 titled The necessary hate And The call of blood
  • February 22, episodes 3 and 4 titled Double revenge And The love that saves
  • March 1, episodes 5 and 6 titled Love does not exist And The age of innocence
  • March 8, episodes 7 and 8 titled To be born you have to die And Friendship has no gender
  • March 15, episodes 9 and 10 titled The stages of love And The rules of friendship
  • March 22, episodes 11 and 12 titled A friendship is forever And The choice

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