Is Season 2 of Lockwood Co. Coming To Netflix

Is Season 2 of Lockwood & Co. Coming To Netflix: What We Know About Season 2 So Far

The new magical fantasy series on Netflix, Lockwood & Co. The cool twist in this show is unique. Joe Cornish, director of Attack the Block and The Kid Who Would Be King, gives the ghost-hunting genre some much-needed cool with his screenplay and direction for Lockwood & Co. Three teenagers attempt to preserve their city from danger without the oversight of adults or the influence of big business.

Ruby Stokes, a former Bridgerton sibling, plays Lucy Carlyle, a gifted Northern English teenager who joins the tenacious team at Lockwood & Co. Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman), along with his friend George Karim, runs a ghost-busting service (Ali Hadji-Heshmati).

The three young adults brandish swords and trade wisecracks throughout the season, but will Lockwood & Co. be another Netflix show to be axed? Will there be more seasons, or is this the finale? Alternatively, will Lockwood and the company be able to continue to spook the streaming behemoth for decades to come?

Here is all we know about the second season of Lockwood & Co. on Netflix…

Is Season 2 of Lockwood & Co. Coming To Netflix?

No one can tell us anything at this time. Lockwood & Co. recently debuted on Netflix, so it’s too soon to tell if the show will be successful enough to earn a season two order from Netflix’s notoriously choosy upper management.

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The good news is that Jonathan Stroud’s works have more than enough content to keep continuing. There are more books in the series than the two that were adapted in the first season of Lockwood & Co. Even more encouraging is Joe Cornish’s desire to continue adapting the series. In an interview with, he said that the Lockwood cast and crew “would love” to return for a second season.

What We Know About Season 2 So Far:

What We Know About Season 2 So Far

A lot of information regarding Lockwood & Co. Season 2 is lacking. If Netflix decides to go ahead with the project, which is quite likely given the above, we will learn more about the premiere date, any new cast members, and the books that will be adapted.

Lockwood & Co. Season 1 focused on Jonathan Stroud’s first two novels. If Season 2 is greenlit, it will most likely adapt the third novel, The Hollow Boy, and possibly the fourth, The Creeping Shadow. If that’s the case, we likely won’t see the season premiere until 2024.

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Don’t miss out on any of the breaking Season 2 of Lockwood & Co. news by checking back here regularly. If you want to know the Lockwood & Co. plot, keep reading.

Lockwood & Co. Plot

In Lockwood & Co., a spectral pandemic causes ghouls to prowl the streets of England. These otherworldly monsters can kill anyone they encounter, except for kids.

Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes), a fiery heroine who has fled her troubled past and arrived in London in search of work as a ghost hunter, meets Anthony Lockwood (newcomer Cameron Chapman), the ambitious young owner of a small independent agency trying to compete with a host of large adult-run ghost hunting firms.

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In spite of this, after teaming up with Lockwood and his friend George Cubbins (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), the exceptional nature of Lucy’s paranormal skill becomes apparent, leading to the revelation of a terrible plot with the potential to alter the course of history.

The three friends are up against some of the most dangerous hauntings in the capital, as well as stiff competition from more established companies.



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