Cursed Netflix Season 2

Cursed Netflix Season 2: Is There Going To Be A Season 2 Of Cursed?

Katherine Langford, who starred in 13 Reasons Why, starred in a fantasy series that featured rich and stunning visuals. One of the most anticipated shows of the year 2020. Many viewers wonder if the show will return for a second season since it premiered on their preferred streaming service. Sadly, they won’t get the answers they want.

Is There Going To Be A Season 2 Of “Cursed?”

Ironically, a greater Cursed has fallen upon the series. One of Netflix’s cancelled shows is “Cursed.” For a long time, Netflix didn’t say anything about whether or not they planned to renew the show. Finally, in July 2021, Netflix stated that season 2 would not happen.

Netflix did not issue any statements clarifying their decision to cancel. The streamer is not fond of explaining the reason behind their big decisions. With a few notable exceptions, Netflix does not disclose how many people have watched each of their shows.

The show probably did not meet the streamer’s expectations, though. The high cost of production, to which the epidemic has added further obstacles, may have contributed to Netflix’s decision to cancel the show.

Why Netflix Canceled Cursed Season 2?

Why Netflix Canceled Curse Season 2

Cursed Netflix season 2 was probably discontinued because it didn’t meet expectations and didn’t pull enough viewers compared to their other projects, even though the show’s premise was intriguing. A 67% critical score and a 53% audience score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes indicate that Cursed was met with mixed reactions from moviegoers.

Even though Netflix has a steady stream of new shows and movies to produce, they had to cancel a few series they had already renewed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More important than whether or whether Cursed, a Netflix original series, was well-received is how well it fared in comparison to other series, especially ones with franchise potential. Additionally, the sets, costumes, CGI, and other elements that go into making a fantasy series can increase the overall production cost.

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Cursed season 2’s cancellation still comes as a bit of a surprise for a programme that did manage to gain some notoriety before its debut. Before Miller and Wheeler’s novel was even released, Netflix had already ordered the series, so there was a lot of anticipation for it.

The casting of Langford as Lady of the Lake in Cursed by Netflix, a well-known actor from the infamous teen drama 13 Reasons Why, looked like a wise choice. There were were speculations of a Merlin spinoff before Cursed even came out. Cursed only spent a brief period in the top 10 charts on the platform, despite all the fanfare, and the likelihood of a spinoff currently seems remote.

Is It Possible For “Cursed” To Come Back?

A previously cancelled show might make a comeback in two different ways. One possibility is that Netflix will change its mind and give “Cursed” another go. A second option is for another streaming service or production company to take up the show. There has been no word, as of yet, that any other production companies or streaming services are interested in picking up the show.

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