Wish List for the Dreadwolf

Dragon Age: Wish List for the Dreadwolf

BioWare has a lot of storylines and features that fans want to see in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, as well as a lot of loose ends to tie up.

Fans have had nearly a decade to build up high expectations for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, so the sequel has its work cut out for it. After the disaster of Anthem, BioWare needs Dragon Age: Dreadwolf more than ever to live up to the legacy of one of its most successful properties.

Fans will be transported to Tevinter in this future installment. Tevinter had already been included in other Dragon Age assets, including the collection of stories in Tevinter Nights, the Netflix series Dragon Age: Absolution, and various comic book series, but this will be the first time the place has been featured in the games. While that provides some scaffolding,

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Requires Living City

Tevinter’s capital city, Minrathous, has been featured in a number of promotional videos so far. Minrathous is the capital of Tevinter and the oldest city in Thedas. It is also the seat of the Black Divine. Since Minrathous is likely going to serve as the game’s major core region, it can’t be like Val Royeaux, where the entire city is centered around a single town square with a few stores and NPCs and nothing else.

Dreadwolf Requires Living City
Dreadwolf Requires Living City

As the enchanted capital of Thedas, Minrathous has high standards to uphold. A huge improvement would be if it felt like a place that’s 1,000 years old, like Novigrad or Beauclair in The Witcher 3, and changed dynamically based on player decisions and story beats.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Owes Its Respect to the Executioners

The Executors make a brief appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “Unmask ‘Those Beyond the Sea'” war table objective, but they play a far larger role in “The Dread Wolf Take You,” a story included in Tevinter Nights. An Executor is there; he or she uses italics when speaking; nonetheless, Solas promptly dispatches the Executor and cautions Inquisitor agent Charter to stay away from the party.

Despite the lack of information, it is possible that the Executors will make an appearance in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gave that they have been mentioned since Inquisition (in particular by Solas). Due to their status as a potentially helpful outsider group with murky objectives, they may end up helping you defeat the Dread Wolf.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Should Finally Face Evanuris

BioWare has been leaving indications about the Evanuris all over the place, from developer videos to canon stories like “The Horror of Hormak” from Tevinter Nights. Ghilan’nain, the Halla Goddess, appeared in both of these. The Goddess of the Halla may not sound frightening at first, but she was apparently a mad scientist who combined creatures to create monsters by doing things like breeding elves with animals.

Because of her salty solutions and the sea creatures she creates, Ghilan’nain is often represented as insectoid and frightening. The party fights her in concept art in one Dreadwolf development video. The player would gain a better appreciation for Solas’ decision to seal away the Evanuris after facing up against Ghilain’nain. Here are the video clips of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Development Progress – The latest Updates, Production & Teases Revealed! are given below-

Players Need Dreadwolf’s Primary Antagonist Drama Resolution

Dragon Age was permanently altered by the revelation of Solas as the Dread Wolf. It caused major shifts in Thedasian history, gave rise to new groups, and brought down established establishments. The foundation has been laid; after keeping fans waiting for ten years, BioWare must now provide a fitting conclusion to the Solas saga with Dreadwolf.

The killing of Solas would be too simplistic an ending. The first of my people do not perish that lightly,” Solas says in Trespasser. Although there are clues that suggest Solas is not among the first of the People, as a member of the Evanuris, he may still be subject to the same restrictions, given that he is effectively immortal.

Killing Solas would be emotionally disappointing, especially for those who had a crush on him in previous games. Taking an alternative route, whether it’s one of redemption or innovation, might yield better results.

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