Who is the UFO character on 'The Masked Singer'

Who is the UFO character on ‘The Masked Singer’? Our Guesses Are Extraterrestrial!

One of the new contestants on Season 9 of “The Masked Singer” is revealed to be this model and musician.
When a new season of Masked Singer premieres, viewers at home take to social media to make educated guesses about the identities of the celebrities hiding behind the elaborate masks. And we’re here to help you identify the stars hiding behind these outlandish new disguises.

There have been a total of 95,231,000 records sold thanks to the Season 9 competitors, as well as 28 Emmy nominations, 26 books, ten gold albums, 6 Grammy wins, five-lifetime achievement awards, five medals, 4 Golden Globe nominations, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and 2 Tony Award nominations.

The vocalists may try to fool the audience, but we’ll listen for subtle hints. Do you think we’ll be able to identify these celebrities before Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke?

Let’s get started:

The UFO is primed for stardom after orbiting them. Above her knee-high boots, she wears the titular alien mode of transportation around her waist. With one eye on the other contestants, she is preparing to show that singing is not entirely foreign to her.

Who is the UFO character on 'The Masked Singer'
Who is the UFO character on ‘The Masked Singer

Who is the UFO character on The Masked Singer?

You may choose to view the predictions of other viewers. Use #UFOMask to keep up with the mask on social media.

The judges think that – Ken Jeong thinks Kendall Jenner has joined The Masked Singer because she is a Kardashian family member.

According to Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Model Gigi Hadid thinks it’s her turn on The Masked Singer catwalk.

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, is Robin Thicke’s fiancee. And it was none other than Olivia Culpo, a.k.a. Miss USA and Miss Universe. The judges were taken aback by her identity revealed, and we were stunned.

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