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When Will The Sony PS VR2 Be Released And What The Value of Sony PS VR 2?

As the Sony PS VR2’s release date approaches, additional details regarding Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset have begun to emerge. Numerous system upgrades have been released thus far, each revealing a little more about the PlayStation VR2’s capabilities.

The PS VR2 is rapidly becoming the device that could usher in the era of virtual reality gaming. What follows is the complete list of PlayStation VR2 facts at this time.

When Will The Sony PS VR2 Be Released?

Sony has confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the release date for Sony PS VR2 will be February 22, 2023.

You can anticipate the PS VR2 to sell out quickly upon release, just like the PS5 and pretty much all other new gaming devices. Preorders will be shipped out by Sony on November 15th, but you may sign up for your PlayStation presale today.

The Value of Sony PS VR2

The suggested retail price for the headset was also announced alongside its release date. You should expect to pay $550 for the complete package, which includes the console, two controllers, and headphones. To round out the pricing at $600, there is a bundle that includes a voucher code for Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which represents a tiny saving from the game’s expected $70 retail price when purchased separately.

Functions And Capabilities of The Sony VR 2

Functions And Capabilities of The Sony VR 2


Above you can see that the new PS VR2 headset looks very similar to the first PS VR. Its spherical form and adjustable halo strap, which make it one of the most comfortable headsets available, have been carried over from its forerunner.

In contrast to the PlayStation 4, it now sports the same sophisticated black-and-white color scheme. The PS VR2 and the PlayStation 9 seem so similar that they would look great sitting side by side on any gamer’s mantel. Even while it looks good, the change in the color palette wasn’t what really got people talking about the redesign.


Instead of using the PlayStation Move controllers, which debuted with the original PlayStation 3 in 2010, the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 will use new, more advanced peripherals. The next-generation PS VR2 controllers, which are more akin to the Meta Quest 2 controllers, will be used in their place.

Sony VR2 Controllers

PlayStation VR2 controllers will use an inside-out tracking system. The inside-out tracking method employs LED lights on both the controllers and the headset, so the latter should always be within range of the former regardless of where the user is standing.

The Meta Quest 2 employs this kind of motion tracking, which has been shown to be more reliable than that of prior PS VR controllers. Compared to the PlayStation VR, this new headset looks like a huge step forward, so we can’t wait to try it out.

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Hardwired vs. Wireless

Unfortunately for gamers, the PlayStation VR2 will still require a wired connection to the PS4 or PSVR system. A wired headset has a number of benefits and drawbacks.

With a wired virtual reality headset, you won’t have to worry about draining your system’s batteries, and you’ll save a tonne of money compared to buying a wireless one.

Better Airflow

The screen fogging up after lengthy use has been a problem for VR enthusiasts. The Sony PS VR2 will address this issue by integrating vents into the headset’s construction.

A Female User of Virtual Reality Technology in An Unlit Room

A PlayStation Blog post quotes Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director at SIE and lead designer of the Sony PS VR2 headset: “When I started to work on the design for the PlayStation VR2 headset, one of the areas I wanted to focus on first was the idea of creating a vent in the headset to let the air out, similar to the vents on the PS5 console that allows airflow.”

This minor but crucial design element is located between the top and front surfaces of the scope in the final PlayStation VR2 design.

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