Unannounced Obsidian Game Evidence Emerges

Unannounced Obsidian Game Evidence Emerges

The RPG veterans at Obsidian Entertainment are rumored to be hard at work on a new project right now, according to newly discovered evidence. The Microsoft-owned studio has already revealed two projects—Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2—are in the works.

Neither Avowed nor The Outer Worlds 2 have a confirmed release date, but Avowed is more likely to appear on store shelves before Obsidian’s 2019 space-faring RPG sequel. A recent rumor suggests Avowed is aiming for a 2024 release, while the developer has yet to disclose any gameplay footage from The Outer Worlds 2. According to the developer’s prior statements, both of the titles use Unreal Engine 5.

Meanwhile, a job listing for a senior Unity developer has surfaced, suggesting that Obsidian is trying to expand its crew. Given that the position is described as “contractual,” we might infer that the development of a third game is now underway in the California studio. A project-based opportunity for a Unity developer suggests the presence of at least one unannounced project, given that all of Obsidian’s announced upcoming games use Unreal Engine 5.

The developer’s preferred engine is another evidence that the unnamed game won’t be AAA quality. Obsidian has created five games using Unity so far, with 2018’s Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire being the most complex.

The Fallout: New Vegas creator has only released one previous Unity game, the pick-your-own-adventure Pentiment. Non-AAA projects can also benefit from Unity’s general strength. Genshin Impact, a smash hit for HoYoVerse in 2020, was an exception among AAA titles because it was designed with mobile play in mind.

Even while Obsidian has a history of making role-playing games, that doesn’t necessarily mean their new Unity game is one. Not least because soon after Microsoft’s 2018 purchase, the studio began dabbling in unrelated genres of video games.

Unannounced Obsidian Game Evidence Emerges
Unannounced Obsidian Game Evidence Emerges

This was most recently demonstrated by the fact that neither of its 2022 releases was a traditional role-playing game; while Pentiment did have some RPG components, Grounded was a radical departure from Obsidian’s usual fare in the survival genre.

The studio’s previous work suggests that if this new Unity game is in development, it will be released on PC and Xbox Series X/S. The Xbox One should also have no trouble handling a Unity-powered game, so it’s possible that Microsoft’s console may be a platform of choice for this unannounced endeavor. The Xbox One is getting close to a decade old, thus this may depend on when the game is released.

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