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The New Final Fantasy 7 Explains Why Certain Characters Hear Whispers

Square Enix explains in detail why only specific characters in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake may hear the Whispers. The major reason why only some characters in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake can see the foes dubbed Whispers has recently been revealed.

As the release of Final Fantasy 7’s sequel, Rebirth, is scheduled for this year, it stands to reason that Square Enix included fresh information about the unknown enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Fans of the original game certainly wondered what would be different or added to the remake when it was initially revealed.

When the demo for the Final Fantasy 7 remake was released in 2020, it solved some of the doubts that had been plaguing the player community. The demo, however, did not appear to veer from the planned plot. Players who have recently unlocked the entire game are probably curious about the new characters and features, such as these Whispers, in order to gauge their significance in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The Japanese Twitter for Final Fantasy 7 Remake just posted some interesting details about the action RPG’s Whispers and why only certain characters may see them.

【Scenario Staff Q&A】

According to Google Translate, Aerith Gainsborough was the only person in the world who could see the Whispers prior to Cloud Strife meeting her in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Characters like Barret Wallace and Rufus Shinra, who came into contact with Cloud and also heard the Whispers, are examples.

Given that the team behind the Final Fantasy 7 remake wants to make sure that things go in the proper direction, it is not surprising that they would want to set the record straight on these rumors.

Given how much the premise of the remake differs from the original, it makes sense that they would play a significant role in the first game in the series. Still, many followers may wonder how the protagonist’s encounters with the Whispers in Final Fantasy 7 Remake would impact the story’s progression in Rebirth.

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But, the inclusion of Whispers in the PlayStation classic Final Fantasy 7 Remake unquestionably added a new experience. We can only hope that the new additions to the game in Rebirth are just as exciting and well-received by the player base. As for what the sequel adds, fans will have to wait until it comes out later this year. The PC, the PS4, and the PS5 all support the Final Fantasy 7 Remake game.

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