The Best PC Games That Demand The Highest Graphical Capabilities

The Best PC Games That Demand The Highest Graphical Capabilities

The Best PC Games That Demand The Highest Graphical Capabilities: For the most part, PC gamers have been having a terrific time in recent months, with the exception of RTX 4090 users who have seen their adapters melt under prolonged use. PC gamers now have access to cutting-edge hardware and visually impressive games, some of which are Sony-exclusive. In light of the release of Nvidia’s RTX 4090 GPU and the latest generations of AMD and Intel CPUs, we have added new entries to this list and revised all of the existing ones to reflect these developments.

The Best PC Games That Demand The Highest Graphical Capabilities

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

New to the Call of Duty franchise is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), which introduces a wide variety of modes, weapons, and other improvements over the previous installment, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009). It’s also the most graphically intensive game in the series thus far, requiring a GTX 1060 and Ryzen 5 1400 to run at 1080p 60 frames per second.

Although this may not be particularly shocking by today’s standards, the game offers a wide variety of scaling options. Using the maximum settings, including upscaling, 4K resolution, and a large number of intricate elements might put a significant strain on your video card. Although ray tracing is conspicuously absent from this title, Nvidia’s Reflex and DLSS technologies are supported, as are a variety of sharpening and upscaling settings suitable for machines of all configurations.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is a flight simulator that trades the realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the fantastical space battles of the Star Wars universe. Unlike Flight Simulator, which gives players a realistic view of Earth, Squadrons thrusts them into massive space battles with thousands of ships.

The player is placed squarely in the center of the cockpit, rather than being given a third-person view of the ship. Having this feature helps create a more immersive environment. The stunning sights of conflict, mixed with the engrossing sound design, really put the player in the thick of the action.

F1® 22

Due to its extensive Career Mode and high-quality visuals, F1 2022 is the best Formula 1 racing simulator to date. Our in-depth look at F1 2022 revealed that it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing racing game, but the game more than makes up for its visual shortcomings with lifelike renderings of legendary Formula 1 car and good compatibility for virtual reality headsets.

A GTX 1660 and an Intel i5-9600 are all you need to get this game up and running at a playable frame rate, so even an older PC can handle it. Playing F1 22 with Ray tracing, a VR headset, or at 4K resolution is where you’ll notice the game’s full performance cost. Many hardware reviewers choose F1 22 as a benchmark since a powerful PC can get a lot of use out of its visual settings.

Hitman 3

You might not expect a game about being a hitman to have breathtaking settings. But in Hitman 3, set to release in 2021, Agent 47 gets to see a wide variety of stunning locations.

These environments, which range from the game’s opening city of Dubai to a traditional British estate and a lively Berlin nightlife, will put even the most powerful PCs to the test. Over the course of the game’s eight-hour campaign, players will see an astounding variety of locations as they carry out their deadly missions in Hitman 3.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Source: IGN

The visual aesthetic of the latest Halo game is a stunning reinvention of the series’ trademark look. The PC edition of Halo Infinite has some quite high system requirements compared to other PC games, requiring an RTX 2070 and Intel i7-9700k to run at recommended settings.

The multiplayer mode of Infinite can be played on most PCs at 1080p 60 FPS with these specifications; however, if you want to play the single-player or high-budget Forge maps at greater resolutions or frame rates, you’ll need a highly powerful PC or an Xbox Series X.

Dirt 5

Codemasters, the creators of games like F1 2020, also created Dirt 5. However, this game sends players to the far opposite end of the racing genre. Dirt 5 brings players to dirty tracks that will put the player’s car handling skills to the test, as opposed to clean, carefully constructed courses in the heart of some of the world’s most magnificent cities.

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Metascores ranging from 72 to 83 show that critics were not as enthusiastic about Dirt 5 as they were about F1 2020. There is, however, no disputing the game’s stunning visuals on high-end PCs.

“Horizon: Zero Dawn”

In 2020, a PC version of a game that was formerly PlayStation-only will be released. PlayStation fans were blown away by Horizon Zero Dawn’s amazing visuals upon its release, but the game’s rocky PC release turned off many potential buyers. How does Zero Dawn hold up now that some time has passed?

The current condition is significantly improved. Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC port, thanks to enhanced shader compilation, DLSS support, and a wealth of performance enhancements, is a great title that tests the limits of current-gen hardware. If you want to play this game in 1440p or 4K, you’ll need a GPU stronger than a GTX 1060, which is suggested for 1080p. With the dynamic resolution scaling option, even mid-range PCs with the Steam Deck can achieve playable frame rates in this game.

Star Wars Battlefront II

It’s an understatement to say that EA had a hard time promoting Star Wars Battlefront II, as the inclusion of microtransactions naturally turned off many fans of the franchise.

There are others who would rather not acknowledge the game’s existence, but it’s impossible to deny the stunning visual experience EA created, which made gamers feel like they were actually in the movies.

Bright Memory: Infinite

You’d be hard-pressed to find a first-person shooter (FPS) with finer visuals than Bright Memory: Infinite. This first-person shooter has some of the most impressive lighting and particle effects of any recent game. If you have a suitable graphics card, you can even use it for ray tracing.

The game’s system requirements are quite minimal compared to the other games on this list, but that doesn’t mean Bright Memory: Infinite isn’t a graphically intensive experience. A powerful central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) is needed to play this game at higher resolutions with a smooth frame rate. To make the most of RTX features in this game, you’ll need an RTX 3080 or above and all the settings to be at their maximum.

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