Tchia: The Art Of Egg-gathering

Tchia: The Art Of Egg-gathering

In Tchia’s fourth chapter, players are tasked with retrieving different offerings for Ga Ngazo. Although most of these items are easily accessible via the in-game map, there is one hidden object that players will need to seek for on their own. This guide is intended to assist players in acquiring that item, a Chicken Egg, from the game Tchia.

Tchia: The Position of the Chicken Egg

Weilwele, a small town on the western shore of Ija Noj, is the place to go if you’re in need of a Chicken Egg. This is a particularly convenient spot to visit, as it is clearly designated with a waypoint at the beginning of Chapter 4. However, the location of Weilwele has been marked on the map below; those who like open-world games should explore the western part of the village.

You’ll find a Sculpting Stand, a few Trinkets, and a Shooting Range Challenge for fans here. Gamers will also notice a windmill in this area of the village, and beyond it is a chicken coop where they can Soul-Jump into one of the villagers’ chickens. For the record, players can Soul-Jump in Tchia by entering Soul-Jump mode (by pressing L1), aiming the reticle at a chicken, and then hitting R2. This will give the player full control of the chicken.

Tchia: The Art Of Egg-gathering
Tchia: The Art Of Egg-gathering

To lay an egg as the chicken, press R2, to Unpossess it as L1, and to collect the Unstable Egg, press square while controlling the bird. Pressing R1 will cause Tchia to place the egg in her backpack, completing the Get 1 Chicken Egg objective, after which she will raise it above her head again. While here, those who desire easy access to eggs while adventuring in Tchia’s New Caledonia-inspired world can also benefit from packing a chicken in their luggage.

After obtaining a Chicken Egg, Tchia players streaming (Please check out the official website by clicking here) should spend some time exploring the many collectibles and camps in the area around Weilwele. In particular, going through the Totem Shrine Door and picking up the Stamina Fruits there will help Tchia’s powers greatly. But, if the player only wants to continue the story, they are free to return to Aemoon at any time.
Tchia can be played on the PC, PS4, and PS5 consoles.

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