Super Mario Bros Wonder Release Date

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: When It Comes Out, What We Know About Elephant Mario, and Everything Else

If Super Mario Bros. Wonder is any indication, the Switch may be entering its final days before the announcement of the next Nintendo generation. The console has been in operation for over seven years. This is the only 2D Mario game in over a decade, following a string of ports, remakes, and a fantastic launch title for the Switch that all took place in a 3D world.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of several highly anticipated games announced for Switch during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct. This new Super Mario Bros. game, as one might imagine, is bright, full of power-ups, and coming out soon. Everything we know about Super Mario Bros. Wonder, from its release window to the internet-breaking pachyderm power-up, is laid down below.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Release Date and Platform

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released for the Nintendo Switch on October 20, and preorders for both the physical and digital editions are currently available. Already a crowded month on the gaming schedule, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is up against Alan Wake 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Just Dance 2024.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Release Date
Super Mario Bros Wonder Release Date

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Mechanically, Super Mario Bros. Wonder appears to be a Mario game that stays close to its tried-and-true 2D action, but there’s a new creative layer here that arises from a significant new feature in this game. Wonder Flowers are a new item found on Mario’s trip that can rewrite the reality of the Mushroom Kingdom around you. Warp pipes come to life, Mario transforms into a noodle, and people shift in strange ways, adding a new degree of pandemonium to each run through a level.

Graphically, the game appears to be pushing the Switch to its limits, with some of the most complex settings and character designs yet seen in a Mario game. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is still about that flawless run across a level at its core, but with a more unpredictable design thanks to the Wonder Flowers, this could be one of the most shocking Mario games in recent memory. You may also check out the Super Mario Bros. Wonder gameplay here.

Playable characters

The unveiling clip showed that in addition to Mario and Luigi, players would also be able to control Toad, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi as they reunite to take on Bowser once more.


The announcement trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder showed that the game supports up to four players working together to explore the Mushroom Kingdom using any combination of characters. The game supports any team composition, so feel free to bring four Marios or two Daisys into battle. Although it has not been confirmed at this time, most first-party Mario titles from Nintendo have supported local cooperative play for at least two players.

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