The Ultimate Street of Tarkov Map For Escaping

The Ultimate Street of Tarkov Map For Escaping: Exfil Locations on Streets of Tarkov

Street of Tarkov Map For Escaping: The extraction location is the most crucial aspect of any Escape From Tarkov assault. If you can’t get the stuff out of the raid, it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying quest items, loot from a player you’ve killed, or a golden lion you’re expecting to flog on the flea market.

The new area, Streets of Tarkov, features a number of extracts that can be difficult to understand. To help you out and give you a fighting chance of selling your valuable stuff, NME has visited each one to figure out what you’re expected to do there. If you come across some black and yellow caution tape, you know it’s time to get out. This is not always the case, though, since Tarkov.

The Ultimate Street of Tarkov Map For Escaping

All of the Streets of Tarkov’s save points are clustered together on one side of the map, to the left of the Scav checkpoint. As such, it is obvious that players should leave via the Courtyard, Taxi, or Collapsed Crane after completing a raid and collecting their treasure.

However, unless they have a Green Flare, players should stay away from the other side of Streets of Tarkov, notably Klimov Street, which is fiercely patrolled by snipers.

Since there aren’t very many enemies outside the main structure, the Collapsed Crane is a somewhat safe place to try to escape to. Players should exercise caution when going through the Evacuation Zone because of its open nature.

Due to its exposed location and lack of protection, the Sewer Site is the most difficult extraction point to reach.

Also, several buildings on the map contain tiny windows that snipers can exploit to pick off unsuspecting players from a distance. To prevent being surprised, players should use cover instead of sprinting down the streets.

If at all possible, players should avoid the open area surrounding the Cinema, which is located close to the Courtyard exit and is a popular sniping position. In order to avoid being overrun, players should always be on the move after firing rounds. Know about the Locations on the Streets of Tarkov in escape from Tarkov, in the next paragraph.

Exfil Locations on Streets of Tarkov In Escape From Tarkov

Exfil Locations on Streets of Tarkov


This is a list of where the extracts may be found in the new Streets of Tarkov map by Battlestate Games.

PMC Extracts

Scav Checkpoint: The Scav Checkpoint is a roadblock located at the northern end of Zmejskij Alley, and the extract it provides is actually quite secure and convenient for PMCs, despite the name.

Collapsed Crane: This door is always open and can be found on the western side of the map.

Evacuation Zone: The evacuation zone can be found in the southwest corner of the map, behind the APC and next to the Teppakot structure. Keep an eye out for far-off gunfire aimed at the nearby skyscrapers.

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Primorsky Ave Taxi: The Primorsky Boulevard Commuters can hail a cab at the southernmost point on the map, where a vehicle is shown to be actively operating. Assemble close to the vehicle and walk out.

Courtyard: This extraction may be found in the courtyard, which is located in the southeast corner of the map, a little further south of the theatre than the center. Only when a green flare is present and active can you take use of this, and it will stand out.

Damaged House: Exfil location damaged house is located in the east on the map. After following the road to the left as shown on the map, continue north up the alley. There is an exit up a wooden ramp on the ground floor of this building.

Sewer River: Escape from Tarkov’s Sewer River is located in the game’s eastern half. The blue wrecked train will lead you west to a chasm. There are probably a lot of campers around here, so watch out for danger.

Klimov Street: This exit point is in the center of Klimova Street, not far from the bus stop. Extract just when the green flare is seen. It’s important to note that this particular extraction site is not always accessible.

Underpass: Accessible via a tunnel in the underpass on the map’s northern side, this escape location features discarded store fixtures and other trash. In addition, there are a lot of pitch-black tunnels to navigate, so tread carefully.

Scav Extracts

Basement Descent: This is an exfil location accessed by the Scav Extracts Basement Descent, and it can be found in the northern portion of the map, close to the major motorways that cut the area in half. Your exit will be a smaller concrete door on the west side of an old, dilapidated structure.

Extraction of Sewer: It is located south of the Collapsed Crane. Towards the West, stick to the road just below the crane until you find a drain-like entrance off to the left.

Ventilation Shaft: A cement tunnel, known as a ventilation shaft, protrudes from the ground to the south of the theater’s or cinema’s main entrance. If you stand near the building, you’ll feel the need to leave.

Entrance to Catacombs:  The Catacombs’ entrance may be found north of the Broken Bus and immediately south of the Sewer River exfil. Find the building with the blue light inside; that’s the extraction.

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