Roblox is Changing How They Promote Its Games Significantly

Roblox is Changing How They Promote Its Games Significantly

Roblox has revealed that it will drastically alter its in-game advertising system to enforce age restrictions. Roblox has stated that it will be making major modifications to the in-game advertising system, most of which will involve age limits. Roblox has been around for 17 years, yet the creator has never stopped updating and improving it for its increasing population.

Roblox has a large number of young users, therefore it must be careful about the kinds of things that are included in the game. This can be challenging in a game where so much of the content comes from the players themselves.

The game has been improving in this aspect, though, so there’s hope. Roblox patented an age-appropriate content recommendation system before the end of 2017, which was supposed to limit the accessibility of mature content to younger users. Many parents may not realize that the game already includes parental controls.

Roblox is Changing How They Promote Its Games Significantly
Roblox is Changing How They Promote Its Games Significantly

According to the recently updated Roblox Community Guidelines, the game will no longer display any ads to anyone younger than 13. Furthermore, the game has enforced a complete restriction on advertising NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as well as online dating services, fortune tellers, burial services, and insect body parts. Roblox’s loss of advertising revenue could be difficult to stomach after its $900 million loss in 2017, but the shift is vital.

According to reports, Roblox adjusted in response to a Truth in Advertising complaint that was filed with the FTC, alleging that the game “surreptitiously” targets youngsters with its commercials. Despite all the upheaval, the game’s actual content has largely continued unabated. Roblox has recently announced a partnership with SpongeBob and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, giving users even more reasons to stay tuned in for the time being.

Roblox’s player base has grown over the past few years even though the game has been losing money. The game’s popular success was catalyzed by its Xbox One release in 2015, which led to an influx of new players thanks to the game’s virality on video-sharing platforms like YouTube.


Several have tried and failed to replicate its success; one recent game was even dubbed “Roblox for adults.” Despite this, few have been able to match the user-generated creativity of Roblox. With any luck, Roblox will continue to enjoy sustained popularity long after its first release.

Roblox may now be downloaded on Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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