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Resident Evil 4 Remake Fans Have Harassed Ada Wong’s Voice Actor Online!

Instagram posts from Lily Gao’s account have been removed, except for one. After heavy hostility and criticism from the Resident Evil fan community, a voice actor who is relatively new to the franchise via the Resident Evil 4 Remake released last month appears to be withdrawing from social media. Since Resident Evil 4 Remake’s March 24 release, multiple sources have reported severe harassment on Lily Gao’s social media account, where she voices Ada Wong.

Many players were disappointed to learn that Resident Evil veteran Jolene Anderson, who voiced Ada Wong and Ingrid Hannigan in Resident Evil: Damnation and in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, would be replaced by newcomer Ging Gao. Fans of the franchise have criticized her performance to severe extremes after the release of the most current version, which made headlines for its casting decision last year.

Gao’s Instagram account, which became a target for online trolls when they were dissatisfied with her singing, now just has a single post. Gao’s decision to take this action has resulted in the removal of the overtly harassing posts against her, but it has also resulted in the removal of the content she has created over the years.

Gao’s Instagram account, which has over 28,000 followers, only contains one post, a paragraph titled “The Role of Privilege,” which she published in June 2020. The subsequent paragraph appropriately addresses the topic of race, focusing on how some white People confuse racial colorblindness with progressive attitudes, which does more harm than good because it fails to acknowledge the racial privileges that exist in society. Unlike Anderson, both Gao and Wong are of Chinese ancestry, however, Wong was born and raised in the United States and Canada while Gao was born and raised in Canada.

Look at the tweet that we have supplied for you down below:

Several of Gao’s supporters have come to her defense after learning of the attacks against her that have been made over the past week or so. Twitter user ada wong archives remarked, “to disrespect her is sickening and deplorable,” in response to the behavior of some Resident Evil fans.

Many commenters have agreed that criticizing an actor on their social media account is extremely rude, even if they did not like her performance. Others, such as the horror fan account RuleTime, posted an audio interview in which Gao gushed over Wong and the Resident Evil franchise, ostensibly to shame her attackers. Videos linked to the official channel Resident Evil 4 remake may be found here-


Gao had already played Wong in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021), thus this wasn’t her first time in the role. Fans may also recognize Gao from her involvement in Hulu’s original adaptation of the dystopian drama The Handmaiden’s Tale and her recurrent roles as Ellen and Sally on the quick-witted rural comedy show Letterkenny. ​​​​​​​

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